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String Field Theory

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on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of String Field Theory

The String Theory Dr. Michio Kaku's goal in life is to continue the work of Albert Einstein.... ...To create a theory of everything. One theory... To explain the universe. is the closest we have gotten so far. The goal is to create a complete, unified theory to explain the fundamental structure of the universe... To combine Quantum mechanics with Einstein's relativity. The main idea of String Theory is that all fundamental particles are not actually points, but rather, they are composed of tiny one-dimensional strings. Before the common belief was that fundamental particles such as electrons and photons were simply points capable of doing nothing but moving. These strings are capable of oscillating. If it oscillates one way it then from our perspective it can look like an electron, if it oscilates another way, then it can look like a photon. According to the string theory, the entire universe is composed of these tiny strings, but how tiny are these strings? These strings exist at Planck's length, the smallest physically possible length. This length occurs at 10^-35 meters. To put this into perspective there is a flash program also on this page, you just need to zoom in all the way. Dr. Michio Kaku's role in this is the "String Field Theory" which is a theory which relates Einstein's Quantum Field Theory. Einstein's Field Theory: G = 8 * Pi * T
relates an object's mass and energy to it's effect on the curvature of spacetime. String Field Theory takes this formula into account to calculate the dynamics of the strings. It talks of the String Theory in relation to the curvature of space. The amazing thing about String Theory? It works. It is possible to extend the formulas of the old view of physics to have the string theory fit in. “This is called modern physics. Now we don’t like to tell chemistry students and first year students the idea of parallel worlds because it would upset them. They would go crying to their mothers. But, hey, get used to it." - Michio Kaku What is his role in all this? Another confusing thing about string theory is the hypothetical existence of more dimensions. These dimenstions exist as the strings are curled up in complicated shapes at plank length sizes.
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