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IOP: Grenouille as a Tick

IOP year 1, semester 1. Grenouille as a tick in Perfume

Nikhil Dasgupta

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of IOP: Grenouille as a Tick

Patrick Suskind compares the Life of Grenouille to that of a tick with his behavior, his effects on others, and through the use of literary elements such as characterizations and metaphors. Grenouille is a Tick Grenouille's Behavior Behaviors of and Effects
on Others Direct Comparisons Direct comparisons
to a tick Vulgar and Repulsive
Diction “In eighteenth-century France there lived
a man who was one of the most gifted and abominable personages…” (p.3) "He was an abomination from the start" (p.24) "...leaving him disfigured and even uglier than he had been before." (p.37) Cold Air Cold Blooded “She felt as if a cold draught had risen up behind her, as if someone had opened a door leading into a vast, cold cellar.” (p.49) http://trafficpestsolutions.com/ticks.aspx “The tick had been dormant for years, encapsulated, and had waited. Now it let itself drop, for better or for worse.” Scent is a liquid “…he was brimful with her. He did
not want to spill a drop of her scent.” p.50 "...drinking up her scent."(p.254) No emotional
attachment Rue de Marais Rue de Marais “She no longer existed for him as a body, but only as a disembodied scent.” p.255 Grenouille is fed by scent Survival Instincts Patience “…if he patiently licked at it for an hour he could quench his daily need for liquids.” Sanity Untimely Deaths Disgust Ticks are Vectors “…were he not a man by nature prudent, … in the
rush of nausea he would have hurled it like a spider.” (p20) Hosts are disgusted by him “He had always avoided so much as touching him… as if there were some danger that he could be infected or contaminated.”(p125 Patrick Suskind's Message: Tick-like tendencies
exist in all people Thank You
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