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Dominican republic

No description

Kaley Beck

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Dominican republic

Dominican Republic!(: History!
When the United States acquired the Philippines from Spain in 1898, the islands were divided into four governments, which were further subdivided into provinces and districts. The American administration initially inherited the Spanish divisions and placed them under military government. As insurgencies were pacified, civil government was gradually restored. People & Culture
The people and their customs have origins in a unique mix of African, Spaniard and Taino roots. The Dominican Republic was the first Spanish colony in the New World. Diseases inadvertently brought by the Spanish previously unknown to the native inhabitants wiped out the vast majority of the Taino Indians on the island; the colonizers thus began importing massive numbers of African slaves to replace the natives. After the Haitian liberation of the entire island, slavery was abolished and free blacks could be found all over the islands.ople & Culture
Spanish is the official language of the country and which street signs and restaurant menus are written in. Even though the people linked to the tourist trade generally speak English, knowing some Spanish is a great advantage. Music
Bachata, hip hop, Merengue, Kerubanda, Merenrap, Los hermanos rosario.
By: Kaley Beck, Thomas Good, and Tamara Swanchara!!(: Food
Sushi, green beans, rice, lamb, chicken, bread.
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