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Final Affairs Checklist

No description

Andre Lee

on 9 April 2017

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Transcript of Final Affairs Checklist

It is not easy being the executor for a loved ones estate. These brief steps can help you settle things quickly.
Above all be legal in what you do. It minimizes confusion and reduces the conflict. Some may not like the outcome but remind them this is the wishes of the deceased and not by you on a whim.
Much of your duties will concern itself with money. Be sure you cover all the bases
Insurance companies generally have pretty clear cut policies which outline the beneficiaries.
When your responsibilities are complete, it might be a good idea to check back with key people 3-6 months later as a gesture of concern and good will.
Now consider who are the important people who have a need to know. Keep in mind they may not all be family members.
Tying up Loose Ends is a thank less, emotional task. Be sure to document everything you do.
Final Affairs Checklist
Settling a loved ones affairs
Get a pad and pen
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