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the Kennedys

No description

ariel de la cruz

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of the Kennedys

The Kennedys
He was born September 6th. , 1888. He was a bussines man and ambassador. Your wife was Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald. They had nine children. He was died in November 18, 1969.
Joseph P. Kennedy
She was born July 22th., 1890. Your husband was Joseph Kennedy. She has nine children, your son John f. Kennedy was President of the United States. She was died January 22, 1995.
Rose Kennedy
He was born July 25th., 1915 in Massachusets. He was a pilot in the Second World Was. He died in August 12th. , 1944.
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.
He was born May 29th., 1917 in Massachusets. He married with Jackie Kennedy and they had 2 children. He was the 35th. President of the United States. John was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.
John F. Kennedy
She was third child of Joseph an Rose. She was born September 13th., 1918. She considered psychologically unstable. Rosemary died from natural causes on January 7th, 2005 in Wisconsin.
Rosemary Kennedy
Kathleen Kennedy
Eunice Kennedy
She was born May 6, 1924. She was the sixth child of the marriage-Fitzgerald Kennedy. Patricia married Peter Lawford and they had four children. She died on September 17, 2006.
Patricia Kennedy
He was born on November 20, 1925. He was U.S. Attorney General in the government of his brother John and Senator from New York. His wife was Ethel Skakel, they had 11 children. He was killed on June 6, 1968 in California
Robert F. Kennedy
She was born on February 20, 1928. She is the eighth child of Joseph and Rose. Jean married Stephen Smith and they had two children. She was U.S. ambassador to Ireland. She is the last surviving child of Joe and Rose.
Jean Ann Kennedy
He was born February 22th., 1932. He was the senior United States Senator from Massachusetts. He had 3 children. Your wife was Virginia Joan Bennet.
He died August 25, 2009
Edward Kennedy
She was born Juy 28th. , 1929. She married was John Kennedy and yours sons was John and Caroline. Your husband was the 35th. President United States, and she was first lady of United States.
She was died May 19th., 1994 in New York.
Jacqueline Kennedy
William Cavendisk
Robert Sargent Shiver
He was born on September 7, 1923. He was an actor, his wife was Patricia Kennedy, they divorced in 1966. He died on December 24, 1944
Peter Lawford
She was born on April 11, 1928. Robert and she were married on June 17, 1950. They had 11 children.
Ethel Skakel
He was born September 24th., 1927. He was the husband of Jean Ann.He was a financial analyst and political strategist in the 1960 United States Presidential campaign of his brother-in-law John F. Kennedy. He died August 19th., 1990
Stephen EdwardSmith
Virginia Joan Bennet
She is a lawyer, a co-founder of the Profile in Courage Award, the president of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and the chairwoman of the American Ballet Theatre. She is married Edwin Arthur Schlossberg. Caroline and Edwin have three children.
Caroline Kennedy
He was a lawyer. He married Carolyn Jeanne Bessette on September 21, 1996. On July 16, 1999, John-John died in a plane crash along with Carolyn and her sister, Lauren Bessette . John-John and Carolyn never had any children.
John F. Kennedy Jr.
He was born in 1965. He is an activist for mental retardation who founded Best Buddies International. He married wirh Alina Mojica; has four children.
Anthony Shiver
She was born in 1955. She is a journalist/author and a former television news anchor. She married Republican California Governor Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger. Maria and Arnold had four children before divorcing in 2011.
Maria Shiver
He born in 1955. He is an actor and author. He is divorced from Jean Edith "Jeannie" Olsson; has three children.
Christhopher Lawford
She was born in 1956. He married with James Peter McKelvy; has four sons.
Sidney Lawford
She was born in1958. She married to Robert Beebe Pender, Jr.; has three daughters.
Victoria Francis Lawford
Robin Elizabeth Lawford is an environmentalist and marine biologist. Robin has never married or had any children.
Robin Isabel Lawford
She was born 1951. She was a candidate for Governor of Maryland. She married David Lee Townsend; and they has four daughters and one grandson.
Kathleen Hartington
Joe first married in 1979 Sheila Brewster Rauch , Joe and Sheila had twin sons before divorcing in 1991. Joe secondly married Anne Elizabeth "Beth" Kelly in 1993, and has no children with her.

Joseph P. Kennedy II
He was born in 1954. He is an environmentalist and political commentator, attorney and law professor at Pace University School of Law; he married with Emily Ruth Black in 1982. Robert, Jr. and Emily had two children before divorcing in March 1994.

Robert Francis Jr.
He died of a drug overdose in a Palm Beach, Florida hotel room on April 25, 1984. David never married or had any children.
David Anthony
She was born in 1956. She married with Paul Michael Hill; has one daughter with Paul .
Mary Courtney K.
He was born on 1958 and died in an Aspen, Colorado skiing accident on December 31, 1997. He married with Victoria Denise Gifford and they had 3 children
Michael Lemoyne
She was born on 1959. She is a human rights activist with the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. She married with Andrew Mark Cuomo. Kerry and Andrew had three daughters before divorcing.
Mary Kerry Kennedy
He was born on 1963. He married Sheila Sinclair Berner; they has four children.
Christhopher George
He was born in 1965. He is an author and lawyer. He married with Victoria Anne Stauss; they has three children
Matthew Maxwell K.
He was born 1967. He is a journalist, news reporter for FOX News. He married Molly Elizabeth Stark; has four children.
Douglas Harriman
She is award-winning documentary filmmaker and producer.She married Mark Bailey; has three children.
Rory Elizabeth Katherine K.
He is a physician and activist against land mines. He married Anne Henry; has one daughter.
William Kennedy Smith
He was born in 1957. He is attorney, crisis counselor and real estate developer. Stephen Jr. has never married or had children.
Stephen Edward Smith Jr.
She was born on February 20, 1920 in Massachusetts. Kathleen studied in England, her husband was the Marquess of Hartington and she died in a plane crash on May 13, 1948.
He was born on September 10, 1917. He was Marquess of Hartington. He married Kathleen Kennedy in May 1944 and died in the Second World War, the September 9, 1944.
Eunice was born on July 10, 1921. She was an American policy. His brother John was president of the United States. Her husband was a U.S. ambassador. They had two children: Anthony and Maria. She died on August 11, 2009
Robert was the husband of Eunice Kennedy. He was U.S. ambassador in France and vice presidential candidate in 1972.
He was born July 14th., 1967.He is the former U.S. Representative for Rhode Island's 1st congressional district, serving from 1995 until 2011
Patrick Kennedy
Kara Anne Kennedy was born in 1960. She was niece of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Bobby Kennedy. On September 16, 2011, only two years after her father's death, Kennedy suffered a fatal heart attack in a Washington D.C. health club after her daily workout.
Kara Kennedy
He was born September 26, 1961. He is is an American lawyer
Edward M. Kennedy Jr.
They are the family Kennedy. They are the family Kennedy.The Kennedy family is a prominent family in American politics and government, descending from the marriage of the Irish-Americans Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Their political involvement has revolved around the Democratic Party and their religion is catholics.The wealth, glamor, and photogenic quality of the family members, as well as their extensive and continuing involvement in public service, has elevated them to iconic status over the past half-century, with the Kennedys sometimes referred to as "America's Royal Family".
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