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Xmas prezi

No description

Balázs Turai

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Xmas prezi

Merry Christmas!
from the Prezi team
The elves are shocked, the 'deers as well:
To take presents
Rudolf invents
The celebration's almost here
but Christmas Eve
is full of grief
for who must put on the Show.
and all the World gleams white with snow,
A tragedy has struck old Claus:
all heights have become scary!
and maybe they will spare me."
"I'll cough and heave
and take sick leave
"The children will be sad!"
a new-old-fashioned turbo-sled!
100% bio-friendly
pine-cone combustion
Feel free to make a
copy of this prezi
and use its parts!
(just in time, fotunately.)
photo by Dávid Udvardy
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