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book talk divergent

No description

Antoine Calloway

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of book talk divergent

divergent:by veronica roth
what the book is about
the book is about a girl named beatrice,who finds out shes not normal.In the big city of chicago,she can manipulate simulations. She finds other in common with her. Mostly bullies and boys. Will she make it out alive? Read it to find out.
a quote from the book
what i like about the book
the thing i like most about my book is that the fact that everyone is special in their own way. It shows that no matter who you are, your special in your own way. It also shows that no one should bring you down.
why i chose this book
i chose this book because a lot of people in the school are reading the series. Also me and my family love these kinds of books.
the quote from the book i picked is,"ordinary acts of bravery" because that comes to show that you dont need to be special to do something great. It means it takes heart and guts to be extrodinary.
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