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Introduction to LRW

No description

Kim Brooks

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to LRW

to great writing and legal research
You are on the path
Key Components
Course Syllabus
The Curve
Readings and Assessments
Academic Integrity
Instructors and Office Hours

Ward Farnsworth, The Legal Analyst
anchoring - over weighing the first thing in a list;
confirmation bias - the tendency to see what you are looking for;
endowment effect - you'll ask for more to give up something than you would pay to buy it;
planning fallacy - the tendency to under-predict the amount of time something will take;
overconfidence effect - the tendency to over-estimate your likelihood of correctness

Heuristics and cognitive biases: experience-based techniques for solving problems...
comprise: do not follow the word comprise with the word "of". (e.g. The twelve students in this class comprise the whole. NOT This class is comprised of twelve students. (If you're stuck, test it out by substituting the word "include". You don't say "included of".)
write your letter
read the syllabus
buy the books
prepare your two minute best story
send me a link to an oralist you think is fabulous
no reading

Practice finding "headnotes" in hard copies of cases and in on-line sources (as you lean to use those); they are great ways to check your understanding and to practice your case research skills (but remember that they are only an editor's interpretation!)
Absurd Advice of the Day
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