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Writing Center- Thesis Statement

No description

Amy Becerra

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Writing Center- Thesis Statement

So,What The Heck Is A Thesis Statement?
What Makes A Good Thesis Statement?
How To Revise Your Thesis Statement
What If Your Thesis Statement Is Too Complicated?
What Did You Learn?
Constructing your Thesis Sentence
Central Message or main point
specific and clear
Makes a claim, raises or explores question
Provides structure for argument
argument will be presented
the argument is
Use own words, avoid quoting
Relevant to topic
Developing a Thesis Statement
Read some more
Brainstorm a bit
Discover new information
Add to your thesis
Find a way of putting your important ideas together
Consider expressing your thesis in a couple sentences
First sentence can provide background information
second sentence can serve as the thesis
Continue to play with your thesis statement until it is clear and strong enough to guide your reader through your paper
Writing a thesis statement is a process
Keep your argument clear
Thesis should present logic and structure of paper
Emphasize the points you want to make
And don't be afraid of revising!
What if I want to revise my thesis?
By:Amy Becerra
Presents topic
Focuses ideas in one or two sentences
Captures position of main ideas
Reflects argument in paper
The end
Guides your writing
Usually at the end of the 1st paragraph
Determine how you came to your argument.
Present your logic
List supporting points
Put together your important ideas
It is okay!
Special Thanks To:
Dartmouth College
Purdue Owl
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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