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4th Grade Reading Data

No description

Nicholas Hoffmann

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of 4th Grade Reading Data

4th Grade Reading Data
Downingtown Area School District
Nick Hoffmann

How I Use Data
Comprehension Leveling
Writing Leveling
End of story selection tests
Leveled reader projects
Read aloud projects
Exit cards
Group observations
Differentiated work packets
Grammar Tests
Writing Pieces- All 4 steps
Future Lessons
Continuing to monitor students using formative and summative assessments

Fluid leveling- continually adjusting, based on data, for students' needs

Ongoing communication with colleagues, parents, and support staff as data is gathered
Components of Reading Lessons
Create lessons
Group students
Identify need for remediation or enrichment of material
Guide pacing and focus of small group work

Common core state standards:
Components of Writing Lessons
Remediation and Enrichment
Beginning the Year
Letter home to students
Look at cumulative folders
Discuss procedures and expectations as a class
Talk with 3rd grade teachers if any questions
Get to know the student activities, interests, learning style
Initial Impressions of Data
All students scored Proficient or Advanced on Reading PSSA
Whole Group Instruction
Introduction of Harcourt Focus Skills and Strategies
Modeling Reading, Writing and Grammar
I do, We do, You do
Leading discussions, debates, activities (active learners/participants)
Review activities/ games
Jeopardy, Sparkle, Swat
Introduce skill, style, and focus
Model and provide samples
Use graphic organizers
Incorporate cross-curricular topics
Create a sample as a class
Small group assistance
Extra practice
More samples
Leveled readers based on data (F&P)
Adjusted rubric for writing
requirements/ projects
Leveled readers based on data (F&P)
Curriculum website:
Study Island
Adjusted rubric for writing requirements/ projects
2 students below benchmark in fluency
6 students reading below grade level
Supplemental readings
Small Group Instruction
Differentiated Practice
Reinforcing skills and strategies
Chance for remediation or enrichment
Fluency Practice
Leveled readers based on data
Re-Read text in small group using focus strategy
Supplemental Materials
Additional Texts (Student interests, combine fiction with non-fiction)
Technology Centers
RAZ kids
Study Island
Components of Reading Lessons
Group students for differentiated centers
Choose appropriately leveled reading selections (F & P)
Identify students to monitor for remediation or enrichment
Used Data To...
Skills to focus on:
Comprehension, Open-ended response/Writing, Analysis of Fiction and Non-Fiction
Student #14-
Scored Advanced on PSSA missing only one Comprehension question
79% Harcourt Common Assessment Average
Student #16:
72% Harcourt Common Assessment
97- WCPM Fluency
10- MAZE Comprehension
Individual Students
Three students scored a 5/6 on the PSSA open-ended response, all others scored a 4 or lower
Lesson Plan Grouping
Advanced = Phillies
Average = Flyers
Low level = Eagles
Students struggled with interpretation and analysis of fiction and non-fiction text with 10 students scoring 13/17 (76%) or lower
Small Group Activities
Working independently or in their groups
Tech center
RAZ kids
Study Island
Harcourt online supplemental resources
Differentiated packets/projects based on story, theme etc.
Individual practice based on focus skill, strategy, grammar trait, spelling, etc.
Read supplemental texts
Working on writing concept
Literature Menu
Teacher Led Small Group Activities
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