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Extreme Storms

Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Miriam Dunn

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Extreme Storms

About Tornadoes
Tornadoes are funnel-shaped clouds
created by rotating winds.

Tornadoes are caused by different temperatures
and humidity levels meeting to form a supercell storm plus wind shear.
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Climate change creates more moist, heavy, and altogether unstable air.
If the ocean temperatures keep rising, this will result in an increase of tornadoes.
The aftermath of the storms will be increasingly challenging to deal with.
About Hurricanes
Moist warm air is pushed upward by surrounding air creating a kind of convection effect. These are commonly known as hurricanes.
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Air humidity is increasing with rising sea temperatures.
This causes an increased number of hurricanes.
Extreme Storms
By: Madison, Miriam, Anna, and Kaarina
How Climate Change Effects Extreme Storms
Why Is It A Problem?
Current Issues
Future Issues
Possible Solutions
The increased evaporation not only increases the size of the storms but also increases the number as well
Lots of precipitation at the same time.
Effects include droughts, forest fires, and floods.
These types of storms could become a part of everyday weather occurrences.
Could become even more destructive and deadly.
Northeastern US saw a 74% increase in precipitation.
Destroys natural habitats.
Kills humans and animals.
Economic issue.




It's important to stay educated and informed on storms.
The more educated people are, the less fatalities will occur from these extreme storms.
Before and After
We can lessen the impact of severe storms by educating people on how to prepare and react to the consequences of severe storms.
Work on storm resistant structures
There are many storms whose devastation has recently affected people, including:
Hurricane Sandy
Oklahoma Tornadoes
Oklahoma Tornadoes
Hurricane Sandy
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