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Proteins, fats, and Carbs

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Mike Douthat

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Proteins, fats, and Carbs

What is a carbohydrate?
Starches and sugars that comes mainly from plant
good carbs
bad carbs
Its the best source of energy
What is a protein?
Good proteins
bad proteins
Protein is a nutrient that helps build
muscle and repair all body tissues.

If you are not eating carbs your body
will use protein for energy and you will
go into ketosis.
What is a fat?
bad fats
fats are stored energy. Fats protect your internal organs
and protect you from
temperature changes.
Carbohydrate - chemical substance in foods that provides starches and sugars.
Protein - substance in food needed for growth and repair of body tissues.
Fats-substance in food used to provide stored energy
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