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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

An overview of characters and themes in Chapter 7

Kelly Carlin

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Brainstorm Predictions Summary Roll of Thunder Good Quotes Important
Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr .... Mortgage could be due at a moment's notice during times like these ... "Harlan leases the store land to the Wallaces
and gets a profit of their revenue" (Taylor, 124). Chapter 8 Cassie's ploy The Logan kids hear it was T.J. who informed the Wallaces about Mama's teaching. T.J. at first denies it. Students shun him and finally the Logans do too after he admits it was the truth Cassie develops a ploy to
befriend Lillian Jean and confirms to Papa that
Mr. Simms won't find out about it T.J. cheats again: Says he's sick of the Logan kids and their parents Cassie takes Lillian Jean into the forest and slams down her books. Cassie beats up Lillian Jean after Lillian Jean hits her first Harlan Granger and Kaleb Wallace visit Mama's classroom.
After seeing what she is teaching,
Mama is fired T.J realizes they are no longer friends. Tries to make the Logans feel bad by saying he has better friends who are white Cassie smiles and calls her Ms. Lillian Jean
Cassie carries Lillian Jean's books to school
Lillian Jean thinks Cassie has learned the way of things
Lillian Jean confides all of her gossip and personal secrets to "her little colored friend"
Cassie makes sure to punch and hit Lillian Jean where nobody will noticeably see it
She knows Lillian Jean will never tell anyone about their fight. Cassie has all of the gossip as blackmail A segregated school house in Mississippi in 1949 Cassie "turned and left the forest, not wanting to believe that Lillian Jean didn't even realize it had all been just a game" (Taylor, 138). T.J.'s mistake I think T.J. has had too many chances I think T.J. needs friends now more than ever I think Mama would have gotten in trouble eventually Different
perspectives Papa says, "How you carry yourself,
what you stand for-that's how you gain respect.
But, ain't nobody's respect worth more than your own"
(Taylor, 134). "You must be some kind of smart, Mary, to know more than the fellow who wrote that book. Smarter than the school board, too, I reckon" (Taylor, 140). "What he got coming to him is worse than a beating, Stacey said" (Taylor, 145). T.J. shouted, "They give me things
and treat me like a man" (Taylor, 147). T.J. will regret his decision He will learn this lesson "the hard way" These white "friends" are not true friends He trusts people like the Wallaces T.J. gets upset with Mama after she caught him cheating-Runs to the Wallaces Harlan Granger and Kaleb Wallace use T.J. and the covered books as an excuse to fire Mama
The real reason is because of their leadership in the boycott
Mr. Morrison offers to help out financially during this
tough time General reactions and questions about the chapter...did you like it? With a partner! 5 minutes Share your important quote from the chapter. What was important about it? Share your event and prediction. If you have the same predictions, come up with a new one together Which perspective do you have on this issue?--> Write it!
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