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About Me

No description

Hilda Gallardo

on 6 August 2018

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Transcript of About Me

About Ms. Gallardo
Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA
Humble beginnings
Hobbies: walking my dog, binge watch shows on Netflix, sketching.
History is my favorite subject and a passion of mine
Ever since I saw the Indiana Jones films as a kid I knew I wanted a career in History.
I am fluent in Spanish: So yeah watch those Spanish cuss words guys!
Education has been my highest motivator in life
Graduated from SSHS in 2004 in the top 20
of my senior class.
Bachelor's in Anthropology with a minor in Latin
American Studies.
Archaeological Field School in Belize 2009
Master's in Secondary Ed University of Phoenix, 2013
My area of interest is Latin American Cultures past and present.
Music: Exploring different genres from different time periods.

What to expect from me...

I am here to help!

My style is very personal, I like to sit down with students and help build skills one on one!
Films: Anything to do with organized crime or mobsters

Sports: Baseball is my favorite sport
Fave Team: LA Dodgers
my current sketches
Teaching Experience
Washoe Innovations School Within a
School North Valleys
World, US, Govt, and Sociology
Aug 2013-June 2015
Hug High School
World, US
Aug 2015 - Present
My pup Copper
This Year in History
Standards Based Grading
Social Emotional Learning
21st Century Learning
Typical Class Day
Warm Ups
DBQ, Writing Workshops, Analysis of Documents.
No official homework!
Why am I a teacher?
My experience in high school
Giving back
Build Relationships
Tell Me About Yourself
Fill in the following on the notecard provided

Front : Your name

Back of Card
I am excited for you today because today is a new start. As of right now, the things you failed at last semester can only help you to answer two questions: What did I learn? and What can I do better for next time? That’s it. Any kind of thoughts like “I’m dumb” or “School’s not for me” — those won’t help; if you let your failures tell you those things, you are doing failure wrong. Literally picture yourself plucking those kinds of ideas from your heart right now and chucking them into the sun.

Here’s what we’re going to do: brand new semester, brand new index cards. On one side, I want you to write your name, nice and large. On the other side, I want you to describe the person you want to be someday. I’m not looking for that person’s job description; I’m looking for the way that person’s friends and family members will talk about her when she’s not around. What kind of impact do you want to have while you’ve got air in your lungs? What kind of person do you want to be remembered as? That’s what I want you to write on the other side of that index card.
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