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Using Technology to Create Personalized Learning Experiences

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Jacob Otto

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of Using Technology to Create Personalized Learning Experiences

Using Technology to Create Personalized Learning Experiences
Childress, S., & Benson, S. (May 2014). Personalized learning for every student every day.
The Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 95 No. 8, pp. 33-38.
Retrieved from: JSTOR.org.
Ensuring College Preparedness
According to Childress and Benson, “...only 37% of all graduates and fewer than 20% of low-income students are prepared to succeed in college”
Use of technology in education has evolved.
It is now time to use it to personalize learning experiences to ensure success of all students.
Personalizing Learning
Childress and Benson say personalized learning happens when, “what they [students] learn, and how, when, and where they learn it--are tailored to their individual needs, skills, and interests, and that their school enables them to take ownership of their learning.”
Teachers curate materials for learning experiences.
Students should take part in creating goals.
Students use teacher-created materials lists to learn at their own pace.
A blended technique of traditional and personalized works best.
Success Stories of Personalized Learning
1. Summit Charter Schools
2. Whittermore Park Middle School
3. iZone360-New York City

Summit Charter San Jose, California
Most students now being accepted to 4-year colleges
Students going to college are better prepared
Whittermore Park Middle School
Lowest-performing school in Horry County School District in SC
Most students are low-SES
Personalized learning is allowing for more educational experiences for students.
iZone360 Program, NYC
Students now have a wider variety of experiences available.
Teachers in these schools are encouraged to create new personalized experiences with technology.
Studies of Effectiveness
The Gates Foundation and RAND Corporation are researching the effectiveness of personalized learning.
Research is focused on:
Student performance and growth
Measures of skills like critical thinking and problem-solving
Comparing performance to traditional schools
Focus Questions
After years of reform, where are we now with educational technology?
We have the opportunity now to use technology to meet the specific needs of our very diverse learners by using a blended personalized learning strategy.

What impact, if any, does technology have on teaching practices?
Teachers are and should be using technology available to them to meet individual needs of learners.
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