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From watching the video, my reaction is why would someone d

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Sumaya Hafizur

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of From watching the video, my reaction is why would someone d

9/11 Reaction Essay
From watching the video, my reaction is why would someone do such a horrible thing to another country? Why didn't anyone guard the Twin Towers? Why were we not prepared for this? They were very important and nobody was protecting them. People should know that other people such as terrorists would attack the Twin Towers because we appreciate the Twin Towers and we are very fond of it. People should have known that someday someone will attack the Twin Towers. You may never know what would happen, so you have to be prepared for anything. How can people be so cruel and punish innocent people by crashing into buildings? Why was it so easy to hijack a plane? Why are people going to “the dark side”? Is it because someone is forcing them? Or is it because they want to do the wrong thing? Is there something wrong with their heads and they don’t know what to do or are they doing all of this on purpose for some type of very evil revenge?
I think that New York and the United States already made a lot of changes to different things to make sure that nothing bad happens. New York has advanced their security and the police check bags at subway stations. The United States changed the immigration policy and immigration officers’ checks for police reports under the person’s name. I think they made these changes to protect us from attacks. This is very good because now bad people won’t be able to come into the country and that would reduce the chance of a terrorist attack. We would be safer and not get hurt.
There is a department to response to terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and man-made mishaps. This department is very helpful because they keep you safe if anything bad happens to the city, county, state, or states. The name of the department is the Department of Homeland Security and they are important because they respond immediately to any attacks and they keep us very safe. Even if there aren’t going to be any attacks for some time, they are still here to protect us and to prevent harm.
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