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Anthony Abbott

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of BYU WELLNESS

Wellness History Required Exercise Classes Dissolved August 31, 2009. Purpose of the Research Understand Student perceptions of personal wellness
and how BYU Wellness can improve. Objective was to find what students could do to stay in shape and become healthy on their own, with assistance from BYU. Exploratory research was used to discover insights. Descriptive research was used to find data that represented larger populations and lead to potential trends. Data collection methods Survey of 800 students – Survey was used to find insights, trends, and correlations in the general student body. It was then analyzed in SPSS to find correlation and relation amongst data. Quantitative Qualitative: Friendship Groups

Interview a student in their natural environment to discover their motivations behind exercise. Ethnography Results Quantitative and Quantitative Integrated Findings: present those key insights you find most relevant and interesting—you may wish to state your general insights upfront and then provide the quantitative and qualitative research to support them for each of the subsections below. Integrate the quantitative insights as seamlessly as possible in support of your points.

Individual Wellness/Fitness: BYU isn’t a place to seriously get fit, people will take classes for fun, but not to stay fit. Perceptions of BYU’s Commitment/Support to wellness (general) Programs: Low awareness. Few know about the various programs offered

Facilities/equipment: rather poor perception, except for student athletes.

Nutrition: BYU has opportunities to find healthy choices, although many still choose to eat unhealthily.

Communication: Very low awareness. Common trend was that no one knew of BYU wellness or any programs offered.

Motivation: people look for results as motivation and enjoy the sense of accomplishment associated with exercise. Evidence of Awareness problems: Accomplishment

Life on the sidelines is no life at all. The gratifying feeling at the end of hard day’s work is one of life’s sweetest joys. BYU Wellness provides so many opportunities to do something challenging. Stretch yourself. Go rocking climbing, canoeing, or have a backcountry adventure with the equipment available at outdoors unlimited. Find high-intensity classes, intramural teams, and much more. Don’t let life pass you by. Feel the rush of accomplishment when you do something great.

Participant's Comments: "Where and how? I don't know how I could do all this" Convenient

Tired of trying having to travel to get good exercise? The BYU Wellness Program offers the most complete lineup of activities around and its right here on campus. With programs, classes, facilities, intramural sports, and staff all dedicated to making fitness a part of your life, you can make goals and achieve them. We know that you have limited time and so we try to provide exhilarating classes and activities on a weekly or daily basis. Hours are flexible to fit your busy schedule and most activities are free. BYU Wellness—it’s here for you.

Participant's Comments: "If BYU wellness is trying to be a part of my life, why haven't I heard of them?" Position Statement If just getting by is what you are about, you might as well just stop reading. The best way to a fulfilling life is through challenge and accomplishment. If you want to be average, fine. But if you want to be great, BYU wellness department can help. You can swim in the pool, run laps, lift weights, play some racquetball, or even go rock climbing. Whatever your wellness need, BYU can help. Not only is it conveniently located on campus, but it won't make a dent in your wallet. Sure, sitting around may be easier but, who wants to let life pass by? Be a healthier person, do something great.
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