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How a Computer Works

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Katie Calabrese

on 6 December 2016

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Transcript of How a Computer Works

Computer Parts
CPU - Central Processing Unit
The CPU gets information/instructions from memory and executes the information/instructions to make programs work.
Computer Parts
ALU/Memory (Arithmetic/Logic Unit and Memory) - it performs all the math and logic operations and is where programs are stored (mouse, keyboard, clock, Word, etc). They are all stored in zeros (0) and ones (1)
Computer Parts
Display - what a person sees on the screen
How a Computer Works
Your computer is working very hard!
Steps the Computer Completes to Input and Output Data
Firstly a person needs to use an output source, like a keyboard or mouse.
Steps the Computer Completes to Input and Output Data
Once the ALU/Memory has given the CPU the program it needs, the CPU uses that program to complete the task and it is then displayed on the computer screen.
Steps the Computer Completes to Input and Output Data
The CPU needs to communicate with the ALU/Memory as the it has stored the programs for the mouse and the keyboard - it stores the programs not in words but in zeros (0) and ones (1)
For example: When I use my mouse (input) to click on the Microsoft Word icon (picture), the mouse asks the CPU to open up Word, the CPU has to ask the ALU/Memory to give it the program for Word, once the CPU has the program from ALU/Memory it displays the program on my computer screen (output).
This video may help you to understand

Input - Things like the mouse and keyboard that are outside of the computer that send data (mouse clicks, numbers, letters, etc into the CPU so the CPU can go into memory and get those things, give them to the CPU who can display them on the screen.
The output source will then communicate with the CPU (Central Processing Unit).
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