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VCCS Reengineering Update

Chancellor Glenn Dubois's presentation for VCCS town hall meetings.

Jeffrey Kraus

on 6 December 2011

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Transcript of VCCS Reengineering Update

Update Glenn DuBois
Chancellor Earning National Attention Building a New Model for Higher Education "I am a great admirer of the work that you all are doing in Virginia. The rest of the country can learn so much more from and about - not just about transforming community colleges but really about the kind of change this country needs to make in higher education in general."

-Hillary Pennington
Director of Education, Postsecondary Success and Special Initiatives
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
August, 2011
Innovation Spurs Partnerships Reengineering Advancing Virginia's Agenda Governor signs TJ21 into law 4,000 of the 6,000 are enrolled in a Virginia Community College. Reengineering Where the Rubber Meets the Road History Began in 2009.
Initial draft: 10 recs.
Focus on scalable solutions.
Align with strategic plan. Today 30+ workgroups
Faculty & staff from across the state
Focus on implementation
Online real time website updates Focus Areas Developmental Education Reform "BacK Office" Efficiencies Improved Completion Rates Leveraging Technology Reengineering What's at Stake? VCCS Achieve 2015, Reengineering coincide with TJ 21 Priorities 60% of all VCCS students are URPS. Financial Aid Accessibility Updates @ rethink.vccs.edu Reengineering The Nation is Watching VCCS Enrollment Projections Encourages higher ed participation and beginning at a community college! The Middle Class Virginia's challenge has many layers We have our work cut out for us 45 million Americans use food stamps today. Food stamps price tag: $70 Billion Reengineering Why We'll Succeed

Innovation is in our DNA! We served students our first year. 7,500 We confront the drop-out crisis head-on. And recover more than every year through 1,000 Middle College Youth in foster care graduate college at a rate of less than 2% To change that, our Great Expectations program has served more than students. 700 During the height of the recession Our enrollments grew by more than 50,000+ Over the last five years, VCCS awards increased by 72% Last year we served students 400,000 55% No college credential < 58% No college credential < Community Colleges Now is our time
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