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wake up Americans

No description

Chad Saltzman

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of wake up Americans

Wake up Americans
By: Chad Saltzman
P-6 10/8/14
Companies selling for tons of cash
Since 2007 more American companies have been sold than any other time. In 2007, an average amount of many spent per second on companies was $4,087.85. Today companies are sell from thousands of dollars to multimillion and billions. Since 2007 almost $3,000,000,000,000 have been spent on American companies. In my opinion these companies should not be sold right now because these are American companies that people have built up in this country and now they are gonna be controlled by foreigners.
Apple made in China?
Nevada getting upgrading water systems!
Teens being stupid
Right now the teenagers average in the United States is well below the international average. Although younger aged kids (elementary or junior high schools)are doing well in school and are either at or above the international average. What could be causing these teenagers to be doing so bad in school? The reason for teenagers doing so bad is many reasons like not even showing up for school or arriving on-time. Another reason is that a high percentage of kids at high school go there to socialize with their friends. Another example may be that American students spend less time on their schoolwork than most other countries. I think if more teenagers start caring about their school work than this will at least help a little to get our international average up.
Today, The iPhone is one of the most popular phones around the world. Although most people think this amazing device is produced in the United States they are wrong. The iPhone is actually produced in China but is designed in California. Apple having the iPhone 6 manufactured in is saving them millions of dollars after selling over 10 million phones. If apple manufactured this device in the United States, it would cost them about 4.3 billion dollars with taxes, labor, and parts. Although in China they can pay workers less than $4 an hour and there are no tax to save them tons of money. Many people probably wish Apple products were made in America but sadly they aren't.
On October 8, 2014 it was announced that the state of Nevada would get a 19 million dollar fund to upgrade drinking water systems. The money will be going to multiple things like replacing aging sewers and upgrading the drinking water systems to have lower arsenic levels. Having these things upgraded will help the people of Nevada have cleaner water and produce less pollution.
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