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No description

giovanni di fabrizio

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of WHY CLIL?

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli WHAT IS CLIL?

Content and language Integrated Learning WHY CLIL? 1) CLIL is a an excellent tool to engage students but How ?

2) In CLIL a foreign language is used to explore a subject

3) the language is meaningful because is needed in order to understand the content BENEFITS OF CLIL

1) boosts creativity and innovation
2) boost problem solving
3) promote team working
4) it is student-centered
5) project and research are also ICT based CLIL immersion programs have a meaningful interaction with the foreign language as they have the opportunity to apply it in a meaningful way. CLIL is a form of Language immersion CLIL is widely used in Europe and it has been implemented by some Victorian primary and secondary schools CLIL has a DUAL FOCUS learning content learning a foreign language CLIL at SIMONDS in 2013

a YEAR 8 HUMANITIES topic will be taught through CLIL



In order to make CLIL viable Mr Di Fabrizio will teach year 8 humanities and year 8 Italian.
During term 3 in 2013 around all year 8 Italian students will be doing CLIL
During their Humanities lessons they will work on project related to the CLIL class on their IPADS GETTING STARTED

the LOTE department will aply for an Italian Language assistant provided at no cost by COASIT and the ITALIAN GOVERNEMENT

this assistant will help in creating the MATERIALS (presentations, cards, vocabulary list, laminated pictures etc..) required for a successful CLIL

LOTE and HUMANITIES faculty will have to cooperate in terms of lesson planning and assessments ( Mrs SOLANO has been already informed and she enthousiast) Mr Di Fabrizio
will assess both
content knowledge and language skills
(REPORT wise that shouldn't be too disruptive) DAVID MARSH on CLIL OBSTACLES and CHALLENGES

CLIL is a novelty in language learning :
- there is no textbook for it
-there is little material or resources
- it is time consuming WHY IT IS WORTH TRYING 1)CLIL is the FUTURE of language learning

2) CLIL is a way to engage the students using a contemporary approach . Language immersion has never being tried at Simonds

3) The image of the school will benefit from it

4) If the trial in 2013 offer positive feedbacks CLIL could extended to year7 and 9 OTHER REASONS

Students doing Italian in year 7 now seem very keen!!! CLIL is MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION!! we are here but with belong to the world STUDENTS IN CLIL

1) find the environment non threatening
2) after the first week find the content accessible 2 FACTS:
1) Traditional Foreign LAnguage classrooms is often unrelated to real-life communication
2) if INPUT is predictable
Yen-Ling Teresa Ting

says that
"CLIL appeals to how the brain like its information " CLIL will help to build up
confidence and indipendence
in our students
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