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virtual tour of gems world academy

gems world academy virtual tour

siti syarah shakir

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of virtual tour of gems world academy

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Hello and welcome to a virtual tour in gwa. this prezi is to help you navigate around the whole school !. if you are familiar with gwa this prezi will give you the chance to know even more.i hope this prezi helps you! c introduction Main Reception Gems World Academy Virtual Tour!!! Gems world academy has been running for 5 years since 2008. GWA currently has over 1500 student from prek to grade 12. GWA is a multicultural school with 80 nationalities. GWA The Secondary Department Cafeteria the receptionists As you enter the main entrance to our school ,the main reception desk will be in front of you. this is where you can inquire about any of your doubts and thoughts. secondary reception Auditorium The Planetarium library P.E Department music department elementary department As you enter the planetarium near the library you will see a big dome and you will also see 70 seats. The planetarium is awesome especially when we got to watch a movie about the planets in 3-d it actually seems like you are in space!!! As you enter the main door to the auditorium you will see
a the main stage of course and 620 space seats.The auditorium
has a control room balancing lights and sound. At the backstage area with change rooms and seats for the disabled seating spaces or VIP seating solution Sports Facilities these sports facilities are used for all students from pre k to grade 12. swimming pool running track and field when you walk into the main entrance to the swimming pool you will see a 50cm pool and a mini pool used by the younger ones. sports hall The P.E Teachers secondary MS.COMERFORD MR.BROTHERTON Primary The receptionist as you enter the main entrance you will then see a desk with a friendly receptionist.you can ask for directions around the secondary building or anything you want to inquire about. ARLENE SAMIA STEPHANIE CLARK These receptionist are very willing to give you directions or inquiries the library is located on the second floor,you can climb up the spiral staircase.As you walk into the library has full of books from children to young adult books there are many selections. There will be teachers who you can freely ask for help, the cafeteria is located at near the field. there is also a canteen
where you can get many delisous foods. The secondary department is located in the new building.In the secondary building there are many classes like math,science,humanities, and other subjects. The elementary block is located near the secondary block on the right side.the elementary bock looks much more colorful. the music department is located on the first floor,it is connected to the secondary building.in the music department you can play your instruments or just have lessons in the rooms.you can also make your own music with the music technology room. the field and track is located near the cafeteria after you exit.you can play sports for breaks on the field and you may also come for P.E lessons. bye bye and thank you for watching my prezi about gwa
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