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The Experiences of Nurses on Interprofessional Healthcare Bo

No description

Lisa Sundean

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of The Experiences of Nurses on Interprofessional Healthcare Bo

3 Nurses: Board service past & present
Local, statewide and national boards
All nonprofit boards
No hospital boards
The Data & Method
3 Interviews
126 Significant Statements & Formulated Meanings
17 Initial Themes collapsed into 7 Final Themes
Themes organized into an Exhaustive Description of the data
Comparison to Existing Research
I Happen to be a Nurse
Innovation, Implementation & Evaluation
Hats Off to the Person Who Brought Me On
An Old Boys Network
Pusher & Prodder
Down to Business
Growing & Learning
Background, Literature & Gap
The IOM recommends nurses serve on interprofessional healthcare boards (IOM, 2008).
Only 2-6% of nurses serve on hospital boards nationally Prybil et al. (2008; 2012).
Nurses understand the intersections of patient care, quality and costs, and have the knowledge, skills and expertise to contribute to high-level decision-making about healthcare (Hassmiller & Combs, 2012).
No research looks at the experiences of nurses on boards.
The gap in research is the opportunity for this phenomenological pilot study.
Questions for Further Research
The Experiences of Nurses on Interprofessional Healthcare Boards
A Phenomenological Pilot Study
Lisa Sundean, RN, MSN, MHA
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