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north vs south ...box 1

No description

DeShaun Holsey

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of north vs south ...box 1

Civil war Scrapbook

Some soldiers wore dark blue clothes .That is the color soldiers wore so their was a lot of confusion.Their own men during the battle of Shiloh.
north both south
Robert E.Lee Ulysses S.Grant Jefferson Davis
north vs south ...........1
The north opposed slavery.
The south approved of slavery,
Lee was the south's greatest general during the Civil War.He graduated from West point military academy and became a colonel in the army before the Civil War begin. He was from Virginia and decided to fight on the side of the Confederates though president Lincoln asked him to be commander of the entire Union army.
Grant was the leader of the Union army.He had all the qualities president Lincoln wanted a commander of his army.He fought very hard and was very stubborn in battles.He did not like to be defeated.Grant was trained at the Military Academy at West point, New York.
Davis was the president of the confederacy states .He was also Commander chief of the confederate army.He was a colonel in the United states army during the mexican war. Davis was born in the south and grew up on a cotton ball.
By. Deshaun Holsey
The north's economy was based mainly off of industry and trade.
The north had many miles of railroad that was the primary way of transporting goods.
One of the main that was made in the north was
Both north and south treated free blacks
Both transported goods by river.
as it was key for their plantations.
The south's economy was based mainly
off of agriculture.
The south's main mode of transporting goods
was by river.
The south grew many different cash crops such as tobacco and rice.
slavery ................2
The south seceded from the union because
of the issue of slavery.
The north did not want it but the south did.
The north didn't need slaves.
The south was agricultural needed them to take care of and harvest the crops.
They were arguing about this for years.
The War leaders ...........3
After the battle of Fort Sumter,the united states
War department was unable to make enough uniforms fast enough.
The northern states were told to dress their own companies . Some states could not get enough dark blue cloth.
Table of contents
What did the north and south wore...........4
Map and description of the major battles...........5
Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln work to support the war. His goal was to keep the Union together.He gave out a short speech.The speech was famous and a powerful speech.
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