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Untitled Prezi

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Paula Ortega

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Angela's angry morning New words for you! Stand up: YES Sit down: NO SB: page 60 Lesson 1 FRIDGE CEREAL UMBRELLA FLAT TYRE TIRE You are in the kitchen. You want to put some milk in a cold place.

Where do you put it? ____________________

You can eat this for breakfast.

What is it?________

You need it when it rains.

What is it?________

If you need to change a tire it might be ________________. Before listening What's Angela doing? Is it a sunny day? Does Angela look happy? Stop: ... and her feet wet... Did Angela like the rain? Which 3 things couldn't Angela find? What was the matter with her bike? Stop: and the sun came out from behind the clouds How many people talked to Angela? Did Angela answered them? Why didn't she answer them? Could Angela open the school gates? After listening... What day was it? Was it a school day? Where did Angela go from the school? Was she happier at the end? B. Right or wrong? 1. Tick the correct box. 2. Correct them mistakes by writing complete sentences C. Who's talking about this story? Name each child: __________ ___________ __________ Why not the other two? Read what each child says... Who's talking about Angela's story? D. Yes, it's right! No, it's wrong! Does Angela have curly black hair? Is Angela in her bedroom? Explain the wrong answers in full sentences E. In the morning, I have to... Do you like getting up in the morning?
Is your home quiet in the mornings?
Who wakes up first in your family?
Who do you have breakfast with in the morning?
What do you eat for breakfast? In the morning, we all have to do some things. We can't choose. We have to do them. For example:

We have to wake up. We can't sleep all day! In the story Angela has to wear her old black shoes. Can she wear her trainers?
She has to run to school. Can she ride her bike? What do you have to do in the morning? Put on... Take off... Write other things in the long sentence Reinforcement A. Write long sentences about
1. what you have to do after school
2. what you have to do before bed time
B. Write a long sentence about a member of your family. Use has to

My mom has to pick me up after school.
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