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Diego Velazquez Prezi

No description

joey tacata

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Diego Velazquez Prezi

The Portrait and
The Renaissance art user
(1599-1660 aged 61)

Diego Velazquez
the issues
Diego uses rich, deep color, and intense light and dark shadows for his Renaissance art and portrait art. He also used a painting technique called "chiaroscuro''.His painting approach to the humanfigure, painted directly painted life and he uses a dark background for his portraits. but first he sketch the picture and he puts shape and the texture and he uses mostly all the elememnts of design.
The Themes and Feelings
Diego was born in Seville, Andalusia, Spain which is known to be one of the most richest country. He received good training in languages and philosophy. he was influence by many artist and showed a gift of art. Diego studied under Francisco de Herrera, a vigorous painter who disregarded the Italian influence of the early Seville school he stayed with him for 1 year, and become a apprentice of Francisco Pacheco, an artist and teacher in Seville. Pacheco always teach diego renaissance art because thats how Francisco was taught by Rapheal. Diego stayed in Pacheco's school for 5 years.
diego's famouse Paintings
Elemets and Principals they use for paintings
social concerns
My Favorite Piece of art by Diego Velazquez
Art Movement
The Maids Of Honor is one
of my Favorite paintings because the little girl in this painting is king Philip the IV's little girl in a maids of honor dress and this painting is a royal family painting so this is one of my favorite paintings.
Diego Velazquez was painting for the royalty because he was hired By king Philip the IV and he became king Philips favorite painter of all the painters he hired. He painted war so maybe if he was mad he paint people fighting each other and if he was orderd to paint the royal family he will just do it with relax feeling.
Diego uses Baroque.He uses that art movement because that was the movement of art in his period of art. Baroque is a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily detail to produce drama, tension, excitement, and magnificence in sculpture, painting, design, literature, dance and music.
Diego Velazquez uses The Renaissance art and Portrait art because In that time painters usually use the Renaissance art and Portrait art. Just like Francisco Pacheco's master Rapheal and so Francisco taught Diego Renaissance art because thats how he was taught by his master Rapheal.
I Love drwaing anime specially Naruto and One piece because i like them, Also i like to paint abstract because i can just but paint every where and it is really fun.
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