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Hardware Devices

No description

Hana Kamel

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Hardware Devices

Hardware Devices
A keyboard is an input device.
You type, and it appears on the screen as a result.
A keyboard is a panel of letters and numbers which when you press on, appear on the screen. However only on documents or areas where you are allowed to type.

The mouse is also an input device because by moving it you control what appears on your screen.
The mouse was invented in 1964 by a man named Douglas C
It was publicly revealed in 1668.

The scanner scans information from paper and stores it
It is an input device.
Invented in 1957, less than 100 years ago
Built by a whole team.

A controller is an input device.
It is usually used for the PlayStation, Wii, X Box and many more.
Some people refer to it as joystick.
Sometimes found on the plane remote.

Input Devices
Input devices are what you use to control what you do inside something. For example, food is like an input device. You eat it, process it and then become strong and healthy as a result
Hardware Devices
By: Hana Kamel Year 8C
A monitor is sometimes both an input device and an output device. This is if the screen is a touch screen.Your tablet and phone are also input devices.
Everything needs a processor. Just like you process your food, computer processors process information. After information is put. the processor must process it to reach the output.

The CPU is the only real processing device there is.
It stands for Central Processing Unit.

Output Devices
Output devices are basically the result as I had previously mentioned in the first slide.

A printer receives it’s information it prints out a piece of paper. The paper is the output, the result you have been waiting for.
It was invented in 1938 By Chester Carlson.

After you type stuff on the keyboard it appears on the screen after it is processed.
It is an output device because that is the result of typing.

Speakers are output devices.
Sound from your computer or phone are heard through speakers.
Speakers are useful when it comes to listening to something with a class for example and want everyone to listen.

Head Phones/ earphones
Headphones are different to speakers.
Instead of having everybody listen to what you are listening to, you can simply connect the headphones to your device and listen in private.

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