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War Horse

No description

Amber Westendorf

on 6 March 2018

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Transcript of War Horse

War Horse
1. Where does this story take place?
2. When does it happen?
3. Do you agree with the main character's decision to leave home?
4. Why do you believe the horse can handle such tough conditions?
5. Describe what it might have been like to fight in this war?
6. Name 4 times in the movie where new weapons are used.
WWI Timeline
WWI Timeline II
Warm Up
P. 149
1. How were horses used in war?
What did you notice about the weaponry from both sides
Warm Up
Name 4 animals used in war.
1. June 28: Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assassinated
2. July 28: Austria (A) declares war on Serbia (S)
3. Aug 1: Germany (G) declares war on Russia (R)
4. Aug 3: G declares war on France (F), invades Belgium (B)
5. Aug 4: GB declares war on G
6. Aug 23: G invades F
7. Sept. 6: First Battle of the Marne F defeats G= Trench warfare
8.April -Dec: Battle of Gallipoli. GB lost
9. May 7: Sinking of the Lusitania
10. Feb: F and G battle of Verdun begins: Both sides had lost more than 300,000 men and gained a few miles
11. Sept. 15: B and F use tanks for the first time
1. Communists seize power in Russia
2. Feb 1: G resumes unrestricted submarine warfare
3. Feb: Zimmerman Telegram sent for Mexico to attack the US
4. April 6: America declares war on G
5. July 31: GB launches major offensive on Western Front
6. Nov. 20: GB tanks win victory at Cambrai
7. March: Brest-Litovsk got Russia out of the war
8. Aug. 8: Advance of the Allies is successful
9. Oct. 4: G ask Allies for armistice
10. Nov. 9: Kaiser Wilhelm (G) abdicates
11. Nov 11: G signs armistices ending the war (11/11 at 11am)
12.June 28: Treaty of Versailles is signed
P. 148
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