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Enders Game, Transformation Section 2 Road of Trials

No description

makyrah hughley

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Enders Game, Transformation Section 2 Road of Trials

Ender is at school and gets into a fight with one of the classmates, the International Fleet (I.F.) people are viewing Enders fight, and they like what they see. Ender and the other 11 kids make it to Battle School.Once in Battle School Ender and his fellow launch mates (called Launchies) find their bunks and Dap introduces himself to them. The next day Ender and his Launchies are split up in a game called "Giant's Drink".One of the members of the group kills themseleves.Ender and the other Launchies are in the battle room for the first time, getting used to null gravity and the suits they wear in it. Ender quickly begins to explore with moving around, its a very different atmosphere than what he expected. A man wearing the uniform of the International Fleet (I.F.) comes to the door and interrupts breakfast. After Ender's parents talk to the man for a moment they call Ender into the parlor. The officer ask Ender about the fight at school and Ender explains. After hearing Ender's explanation the officer stands up, introduces himself as Colonel Graff, Director of the Battle School in the Belt, and offers Ender a chance to enter the school The next day ,Ender is getting ready for breakfast with his family , all of a sudden there is a knock on the door .
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