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Cell Analogy - Hospital

By: Maddy Van Fossen

Maddy Van Fossen

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy - Hospital

By: Maddy Van Fossen Cell Hospital Front Door - Cell membrane The cell membrane controls what comes into the cell. The front doors of a hospital control who comes in the hospital. Cell wall - Outer walls The cell wall protects the cell and is the cells outer structure. The walls of a hospital hold the hospital up and protect it from natural disasters, lightning, etc. Nucleus - Hospital Administrator The nucleus and the hospital administrator control what is going on. The nucleus controls the cell, while the hospital administrator controls/oversees what happens in the hospital. Envelope - Front desk The envelope controls what comes in and out of the cell. The front desk workers do the same thing, they sign patients in and out of the hospital. Nucleolus - Department Heads The nucleolus works with the nucleus to create ribosomes. Department heads work with the hospital administrator to create rules and regulations to make the hospital better. Cytoplasm - Patients The cytoplasm fills up the cell. Patients fill up a hospital. Mitochondria - Generator The mitochondria makes energy available to the cell. A generator makes the hospital have energy. Chloroplasts - Solar panels Chloroplasts and solar panels do the same thing but in different processes. Chloroplasts use photosynthesis to convert light to energy and solar panels turn light into electric energy by storing solar power and converting it. Ribosomes - Rules and regulations Ribosomes are created by the nucleolus, they produce proteins. Rules and regulations are created by the heads and the hospital administrator, they produce good outcomes and reviews for the hospital. Endoplasmic Reticulum - Doctors The ER makes sure the cell is working correctly and does protein synthesis. Doctors do rounds to make sure patients are doing OK. Golgi Apparatus - Nurses The golgi apparatus modifies and distributes proteins and nurses distribute meds to the patients in a hospital. Lysosome - Aides The lysosome breaks things down and aides break down what patients are going to go through during procedures Vacuole - Freezer The vacuole in a cell stores food, the freezer in a hospital stores food. Cytoskeleton - Inner walls The cytoskeleton works inside the cell to keep it's structure, the inner walls keep the hospital up from the inside. THE
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