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Physics Project - Non Newtonian Fluid

No description

Emma Brewer

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Physics Project - Non Newtonian Fluid

Non-Newtonian Fluid Properties Solid and Liquid
Measured by viscosity which is the ease of flow
-If it has a high viscosity, like honey, the substance is thick.
-If it has a low viscosity, like water, the substance is thin.
With non-Newtonian fluids, it is thick when stress is applied, but thin when it is left alone. vs. Sound Waves Pitch and frequency are directly related:

A high pitch corresponds to a high frequency
A low pitch corresponds to a low frequency How It Reacts With Different Types of Music Intensity Directly related to the energy of the sound wave
-Energy is directly related to how close the medium is to the source
Since the non-Newtonian fluid is on the speaker, the sound waves are passing through the medium with a lot of energy, which means it is passing through with a high intensity.
-This is why the non-Newtonian fluid vibrates like it does for certain songs Which is the Best? The songs with the most bass in them have the best reaction from the non-Newtonian fluid.
When songs have a lower frequency, the sound waves vibrate more, so when there is a visible medium, you can see how it effects the medium. Conclusion The more bass a song has, the more the non-Newtonian fluid will react.
Lower pitches have a higher intensity and higher pitches have a lower intensity.
Although classical music and music that has electronic bass sometimes have similar bass tones, the intensity from the classical music is not the same as the intensity from the electronic music so it doesn't get the same reaction from the non-Newtonian fluid. Works Cited http://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/sound/u11l2a.cfm
Viscosity For this particular non-Newtonian fluid, its viscosity is classified as shear thickening.
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