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THe Alchemist

No description

Eric Bell

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of THe Alchemist

The Alchemist
By: Paulo Coelho
Presentation By: Eric Bell, Kevin Cameron, Perry and Ross Williams
Genre The Alchemist is a fictional novel since it involves fantasy through magic and supernatural phenomenon
It also involves:
adventure: an exciting journey that involves risk and physical danger as the main storyline
quest- a journey towards a goal
drama- tells the story through conflicts and emotions Setting Throughout the novel, Santiago travels to many places including: Andalusia, Egypt, the Sahara Desert and Spain
He travels through many towns while traveling through these major places such as:
Tangier: where he meets Melchizedek and starts his Personal Legend.
AL-Fayoum- where he meets Fatima and the Alchemist The Protagonist Santiago- A young, Andalusian shepherd. The novel revolves around his journey to fulfill his personal legend
Santiago is a determined, headstrong, smart, innovative and curious boy.
Throughout the novel, Santiago has proven he can handle himself even in the most difficult situations.
The Help The Alchemist- a powerful, mysterious alchemist who is supposedly 200 years old. He teaches Santiago alchemy and how to believe in his heart
Melchizedek- a man who claims to be the King of Salem. He teaches Santiago about Personal Legends, the Soul of the World and Beginner's Luck. He helps Santiago get started on his joruney to find his Personal Legend.
The Englishman- a traveler who is an aspiring alchemist and is well-educated on alchemy. He becomes Santiago's friend and teaches him about the value of books and many alchemy concepts Conflict Man vs. Man: In Santiago's travels, he runs into many physical conflicts between his fellow man. An example would be when he is crossing the desert with the alchemist, they are captured by a sand tribe and are almost killed.
Man vs. Nature: While crossing the desert, Santiago had to battle natural occurences like sand storms.
Man vs. Self: Santiago had to constantly motivate himself to follow his personal legend after he encountered an obstacle. Climax The climax of the novel is when Santiago and the alchemist are being held by one of the warring tribesman. In order to escape, the alchemist convinces the tribesman to let them go on the condition that Santiago can turn himself into the wind. Santiago struggles with this and this challenge is a major growth for Santiago as a person. Santiago does succeed in the end Resolution Santiago finds his Personal Legend, a lost treasure, at an old abandoned church in Spain.
Santiago also finds a girl he will marry once he returned from finding his treasure. Theme The Danger of Fear: Fear is the primary obstacle that was persistent throughout Santiago's journey. Fear on many occasions almost permitted Santiago from finding his treasure. Fear should not keep someone from achieving what they want in life. You have to believe in yourself no matter what obstacles are in your way. An example of fear ruling someone's life is the crystal merchant. Even though he wants to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, he fears that once he completes the trip, he will have nothing to live for. As a result, he decides not to make the journey. Literary Elements Motif
Omens- are phenomenon that fortell the future. They help guide Santiago as he travels and also serve as the source of his spiritual growth
The Desert- represents the challenges and dangers that await anyone who wants to pursue their Personal Legend. It tests Santiago not only physically but spiritually as needed to be able to understand the desert in order to cross it New Found Knowledge Fear can be very powerful when it comes to influencing a person's life and decisions.
Follow the omens life gives you because you never know what might happen
Believe in yourself until the very end no matter what obstacles stand in your way.
Follow your dreams while you can or you will regret it later
Your goal in life should be to find what you were born to do
Is The Alchemist Relevant? The novel had many important themes and lessons
The themes and lessons of the novel can be applied to real life
The novel is an example of how even fiction can be related to real life
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