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Scenerio 1

No description

Gustavo Guzman

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Scenerio 1

Scenario 1 Introduction Chelsea, Leslie, and Jerry are three friends who are studying at the University of Texas at El Paso. They decided to take a class together for the spring semester so they could share and help each other. They took Political Science 1300 at 8:00 a.m. with Mr. Richard Mosby. The first day Mr. Mosby explained how the class would be, gave the syllabus, and went through it. He answered all the questions, and told them which book they were going to use. At the end he put special emphasis in the last assignment, which would be serving as a volunteer in a non-profit organization in the community. They could do it in groups or by their own; each organization selected would have special requirements. Physical In order to view and analyze the options that they would pick Chelsea, Leslie, and Jerry went to the service learning center, and they kindly provided a list with a variety of places in which they could go and do their project. The hardest part was decided to which place they were going to go, they had three main options: A nursing home, an immigrant care center, and as tutors at an elementary school. Finally they made a decision; go to the elementary school and help children with their reading and writing skills. After decided where they were going to do their project, they had to go to talk to the principal of Barack Obama elementary school and make a schedule which fits with the one that they had at the university and in their job. The principal and they decided that the tutorials were two hours per day, at Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next 3 months for a total of 48 hours of tutorials. The week before started the tutorials they took a very helpful seminar about take care of children and how to figure some problems, and also a first aid course. They consider how they are going to commute from their school to the elementary school and Jerry offered to go in his car, with the condition that they pay 5 dollars to him for the gas per week. One week before the tutorials started the principal gave them a conduct code with some rules:
1. Responsibility: in the schedule and assignments
2. Respect
3.Be in touch with children’s professors.
4. Take care of the children
5. Have willing and enthusiasm to work. Emotional The first day that they went to the school they started their tutorials by presenting their selves with the students and vice versa. Even though their priority was to teach and help them in reading and writing, they also helped them if they had any issue with another subject. But by the time, they noticed a strange behavior between students. Since they were from different ethnic and also had different social and economic backgrounds, some of them bullied the others by tell them racial slurs. When they realize about that they met and discussed how they could deal with the problem, and each one proposed a solution: One of the solution was talk directly with the students and explain them why it is not appropriate to have that behavior with their peers. The other is to talk to their teachers, explain the situation and ask for help. The last one is set a meeting with the parents, describes the situation, and asks them to talk with their kids. They also decide to write about that in their reflect paper to let know Mr. Richard that they have to deal with different situations. They decide to face the problem by talking with the teachers and parents together in a special meeting in which they highlight the attitude of the children in class, but at the same time they expose the problem to the audience and ask for their cooperation to try to solve it. The parents and teachers were willing to cooperate to improve their children’s behavior. The following weeks a radical change occur with the students, their behavior change as a result of a special presentation about bullying and their consequences that teachers and parents present to them. In addition the students’ grades were going higher as a result of the tutorials that Chelsea, Leslie, and Jerry were given. Circumstantial For the final evaluation, the students have to do a presentation about the whole experiences that they had during their semester in that place, and it also includes all the situations that they had to lead with during that period. They started it since the beginning of the semester, and worked in it slowly but consistently. They were finishing the presentation a week before the due date when they had a disagreement; they did not decide to write about the problem that they had with the students’ behavior or to avoid it completely. They tried to be objective and focused but since they could not make a decision, they decided to go to talk with their Mr. Mosby for and advice. They talked to him, and he helped them and together made a decision which was convenient for everybody. Finally they decide to talk about it in their presentation, but just as an experience that helped them in order to improve their knowledge due to it was not a problem and thanks to the parents and teachers help they resolved it. Conclusion At the final of the project Jerry, Chelsea, and Leslie learned a lot of values things such as: organization, responsibility, leadership, serve as volunteer, work in group, work in hard environments, help children to improve in reading and writing skills, ask for help when is needed, and how to address with problem. Also they get a high score in their Political Science class, and they were exempted from their final exam.
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