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The Speckled Band: Atmosphere, Style, and Theme.

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Dani Randell

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The Speckled Band: Atmosphere, Style, and Theme.

This Prezi will explain three important details of the story. these are the atmosphere, theme and style. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Speckled Band The mood in the story "The Speckled Band" is very urgent and excited. Holmes and Mr. Watson are expecting a client with an interesting and depressing story. Atmosphere Over all, the urgency doesn't end until the mystery is solved. The death of the sister intensifies and makes the mystery and creates sympathy for the twin which makes more tension Style This was written in Victorian Times The diction is very formal and old fashioned...
"Sorry to knock you up" or "haggard" Sentence Structure:
There are longer words and sentences than what we use today. There is more words used to get one point across. Sherlock Holmes "would be very much obliged" if Watson would slip the revolver into his pocket.

Modern: "Hey man. You should put your gun in your pocket," (very straight-forward). We don't often use words like "obliged".... "You must not fear"... "We shall soon set matters right, I have no doubt," (Doyle, 185).

Modern: "Everything will be okay." Point of View: In older days, women were less powerful than men. The fact that Stoner goes to Sherlock Holmes when she was scared and hurt makes him look like the powerful man and hero society of that time would expect. Irony:
Irony is very important in mystery novels. Knowing things the characters don't can get the reader's mind racing or help give a hint to the mystery so the reader feels compelled to solve it first. Symbolism/Imagery:
Symbolism in mysteries can help the reader gain clues to eventually solving the mystery. This adds to the excitement.

The black clothes and veil Helen Stoner wears symbolizes the dread and mourning of her sister's death. When we picture the outfit we can already tell this mystery will have a death in it which makes the reader want to keep reading to hear who died and how they died. In this case, the "specked band" symbol serves as a tool because it is a hint or clue to the mystery. A great deal of imagery is used in describing the events Helen Stoner had in common with her deceased sister. The "whistle" and metallic clank enhances the reader's sympathy for the sister because they know what what Helen's sister went through before her death. It also helps the reader visualize the scenario which lead to a mystery. The moral pr message of the story is that things are not always what they seem/expect the unexpected. The metal clank was thought to be the shutters.
The whistle turned out to be hissing or snake charming.The vent was not a vent. It was a way to get the snake in Helen's sister's room.
Helen's room did not need to be renovated, the Dr only wanted to get her into the room so she would be able to be easily killed.

The specked band was not a clothing item or the gypsies, it was a snake.

The shutters were metal and were for locking the girls in, not protecting them.
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