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This is going to be about an AWESOME game called Minecraft.

Zaulu Ton

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Minecraft!!

Minecraft! About MineCraft Classic! MineCraft is a Sandbox building game.! There is a Classic version that you can
use for free. Classic has a single player
and multiplayer. Single player you can
build and dig with infinite blocks.
Multiplayer you can build, dig and socialize with other Minecrafters. About Minecraft Beta Minecraft Beta is like minecraft
but you have to buy it from Europe.
It is 25% off while in beta. Beta has 2
modes. Single Player Survival and Multiplayer Survival. In Survival you have to collect resources ina world 3 times bigger than ours, and survive nights when monsters come out. During the day you are safe with animals. Multiplayer Survival is the same but you can
talk to others. the Future of Minecraft.
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