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Privacy on social media

No description

Antonia Indomenico

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Privacy on social media

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Privacy on Social Media
How many types of social media are their?
Snapchat,Youtube and the list goes on
How does privacy on social media cause (mental) issues in real life?
It can cause depression to an individual
Some of these photos and videos may be very private to the person.
When sending a photo to someone always assume that others will see it.
How can a person be affected if their
personal lives are viewed by those
it should not?
A person can be bullied and develop depression. Some may even become suicidal and take their own lives because of situations like this.
How does posting on social media affect a person?
It can show a persons emotions
It can show the struggles a person is going through
It can influence a way a person thinks or acts
It can influence an item that a person would buy
Who is affected when you post on social media?
Sports Team
Most importantly yourself
When did social media become a
huge impact on individuals and their personal lives?
Social media became a huge impact on individuals when the internet came more popular and iphones,laptops and other devices became more popular in society
How can posting on social media undue stress or cause stress?
People can share their views on the topics they are stressed about.
They can also ask for advice and talk to people about what they are going through or stressed about.
How does posting a video on social media affect a person (short and long term)?
When did showing pictures and videos first start on social media?
Friendster started on March 22,2002
Myspace was started August 1st, 2003
Facebook started February 4th, 2004
Youtube started February 14th, 2005
Twitter started March 21st, 2006
Instagram started in 2010
Snapchat started in September 2011

How does posting a video on social media affect a person (short and long term)?
Some things you may post such as pictures of yourself getting intoxicated or doing illegal things, would not be good for your reputation when a college or employer is searching you online.
How do you you protect yourself on social media?
The main way you can protect yourself and you're images and videos is by not sending them too anyone or posting them to begin with. If their are images you do not want people to see then there is no point to post or send them to begin with. Another way to prevent this is by making sure all your profiles are private.
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