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Together We Stand

No description

Melissa Campos

on 7 May 2016

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Transcript of Together We Stand

Get into pairs and introduce yourselves.
Find two things you share in common.
Once you're done, prepare to introduce each other!
It's important to keep drama out of the classroom!
There should never be gossip, dirty looks, or bullying.
Drama is an easy way to divide the class and that is the last thing you want.
Why is all of this important?
Good friendships are the key to success.
They keep things running smoothly.
A good environment gives everyone a welcoming place to go to.
And remember, together everyone achieves more!
Building Friendships
Good friendships keep the drama out which is important when you need to work together.
A good friend is trustworthy, honest, easy to talk to, and easy going.
Everyone is different which means you're not ALWAYS going to get along but it's important to always be polite and respectful.
Be sure to always include everyone so no one feels left out!
Together We Stand
DOs and DON'Ts
Where do YOU stand?
If conflict does occur it is important to not take sides.
If it gets out of hand, tell your LIA teacher.
Do NOT blame anyone.
Do your best to stop it before it goes too far.
1. Stand next to line
2.Listen to question
3.From one end to the other stand where most
likely describes you.
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