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3 most famous Pharaohs of Anceint Egypt

King Tut, Cleopatra, Ramses ii

Olivia Kunkel

on 18 December 2011

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Transcript of 3 most famous Pharaohs of Anceint Egypt

Who are the 3 most famous Pharaohs from Anceint Egypt? The 3 most famous Pharaohs are........ King Tut Cleopatra VI Ramses II By: Olivia Kunkel Life Span born-1343 B.C.E became Pharaoh at age 8 died-age 19 Death He died from a broken, infected leg. Some people say he was killed, but no one knows who killed him. King Tut's mummy Accomplishments King Tut saved Egypt from what his dad, Akhenaten, did. He tried to change the Egyptian religion. King Tut was a very famous Pharaoh. King Tut and Cleopatra VI were both young Pharaohs. Pharaoh facts last pharaoh Ruled 51 B.C.E - 30 B.C.E Life Span Born 61 B.C.E Died-30 B.C.E Death People believed that she poisoned herself with a snake called an asp. People also believed that Octavian, her helper, wanted sole power so he killed her. Cleopatra was the three hundred thirty second Pharaoh. Cleopatra VI and Ramses II were very different because Cleopatra was known for her beauty and Ramses was known for war. Accomplishments Monuments Ramesseum peace treaty with Hittites Death Some people believe he died from old age. Others believe he was killed by the Egyptain Commander, Horemheb. Ramses II's mummy Life He was Pharaoh for 66 years. He lived for 96 years. Ramses II was also called Ramses the Great because he did many things that people liked so they thought he was great. These 3 Pharaohs faced many problems. King Tut, Cleopatra VI, and Ramses II were the 3 most famous Pharaohs. King Tut was a great aspect to the Egyptain Civilization because if he wasn't there the whole religion would be different. Cleopatra VI was only famous for beauty. Ramses II was mostly know for his great buildings. The greatest Pharaoh is Ramses II because he had the most accomplishments, he was the longest ruling Pharaoh, and he lived about three times longer than people were known to live in Egypt. THE END!
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