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battle of d-day

No description

Ravi Patel

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of battle of d-day

Ilan, Adam, Matt, Ravi
The main problem is that Germany have taken over France and it's our job to take it back.

What makes it hard to obtain the main objective?

• They have a high advantage point.
• The beaches are wide and open with not a lot of cover.
• It is defended very well (Atlantic wall)

The problem
The battle plan
PT boats
1. At 10:00pm 10 U-boats will be sent to Normandy beach as a diversion for the other German U-boats.

2. As the diversion is going on there will be 150 landing crafts making its way to Normandy beach. Behind the landing crafts there will be 150 PT boats and in front of the landing craft there will be a mix of 30 USS Iowa (BB-61) and 30 of the USS Missouri. The boats will travel in a 1-6-6 formation.

3. As they make there way onto the beach 250 squadrons of bombers will bomb the Belgium gates.

4. After the gates are gone and the boats are close to the beach they will change into a different formation

Remember* the troops will practice this part of the plan for half a year before the battle will take place.

Previous events
Some previous battles we have won and lost and the reasoning behind it!

Battle of Dieppe
They did not plan out the attack well.
They invaded on a wide open beach.
Germany had bunkers that they used to protect themselves.
Germany knew they were coming.

Vimy Ridge
Canadian army practiced for months incognito
The Canadian army studied what the British and French armies did incorrectly
Used the tactic called the creeping barage

By: Ravi, Ilan, Adam, Matt
Battle Of D-Day
the battle plan pt.2

5. Once there formation is complete the Iowa will take out the teller mines using the bombs

6. After the teller mines are out the planes will come back and bomb the ramps

7. And then the Iowa will take out the hedgehogs.

8. Finally the planes will bomb the barbed wire and mines

9. The Iowa and planes from above will than bomb the bunkers both steel and concrete

10. Once this is done the landing crafts will go in front of the Iowa and let the solders out and then planes will fly over the bunkers and solders will parachute out behind the bunkers

11. The Atlantic wall has finally been taken over.

USS Iowa _1940
Previous events
Battle of Hong Kong
Unknown terrain and “weaker” artillery and weapons they were expected to acquire
They refused to surrender until Christmas day of 1941
They had no time to prepare or practice for the battle

Battle of Ypres:
The Allied position around Ypres took the shape of a small salient in the trench lines because it could best be defended from the low ridge of higher ground to the east.
The soldiers were well disciplined, making it easier to communicate with them.
USS Missouri_1944
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