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Filmi Chashma

No description

Payal Khombhadia

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of Filmi Chashma

Among subjects to be explored:
Filmi Chashma

The Product
Filmi Chashma helps
WORLD CINEMA: understand cinema beyond Bollywood
Space to articulate emotions and concerns
Opportunity to access to film content and experience
Improves general knowledge and awareness
Teaches diverse cultures, builds the next generation of cinema audiences
Active learning - discussion, presentation, critical thinking, team working and film-making, as well as watching
What Filmi Chashma does?
to spread a culture of media-viewing and media-making as part of education and play in India by :
Revitalising children's relationship with films and the other arts through seeing and discussing well-chosen films
Developing children's analytical skills through creative activities around such screenings
Nurturing children's capacities for expression by supporting them in making their own media
Availability and easy
access to gadgets
Highlights of 2011-12
Audio stories
Stop-motion animation
Short Films
Filmi Chashma @ Vidyanchal School
Excess usage
Affecting academics,
physical and mental abilities
Access to material
not meant for them
Face & Understand the situation:
Media is an Integral part
Continuous engagement

Find solutions
Take the initiative to watch good films and programs with children and let them experience it as a rewarding social activity
Teach to recognise advertisements and discuss the motivation of advertisers.
Help make conscious decisions as to what they choose to watch
Lets STOP complaining!!
Films are effective at engaging students who don’t take part in other activities
Discussing films builds up talking and listening skills and confidence
Writing reviews improve literacy skills
Increases ability to explore new concepts
Helps understand social and emotional issues
Effective tool engaging boys
Increases enjoyment of school
Research shows:
Film Appreciation
Language of Cinema
Stop-Motion Animation
Film-making - Conceptualizing themes, Developing scripts, Sound & Music, Video editing
Highlights of 2012-13
Stop-motion animation
Short Films
This subject is different from other subjects. We do different activities – see movies, talk about them, play games. I think this class should be every day. Filmi Chashma Rocks!!
- Rohan P, 7th Std

I feel we are the luckiest school as we have Filmi Chashma session! Every session is full of activities, exercises and all very interesting. I eagerly wait for Monday’s Filmi Chashma class. This session should be continued till STD X. Last year we made film, it was amazing. The script, acting, direction, etc was done by us. We get a place to show our hobbies, our interest. We work in groups through this we have learn to work as a team.
- Asawari K, Rucha V, 8th Std
Parents Feedback
at job done by STD 9th. Very apt and sensitive topic. Hope you have sent the message to number of parents.
Sandhya Gupta

Experience of watching my daughters script turned into films was too awesome!!! Thanks to the whole team of Filmi Chashma!
Rupastri Vanarse
Students Feedback
Filmi Chashma believes:
Develop a critical eye towards media and develops confidence to make their own media for self-expression using digital tools freely available today
Talk with children about what they perceive as fun or exciting
Do not let the heroes on TV and in films become the most important role models in children’s lives
Be visible, listen to your children’s needs and interests, and teach them to relate to what they see, so they learn to choose and thus become conscious media consumers
Children at work
Films like...
Children's work
Thank You!
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