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Gabe Monroe

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Ecosystems

The tundra & the taiga are similar byhigh northern latitudes and consists of stunted vegetation, Producers are things that can produce it's own food. Consumers are things that feed on producers or other consumers. Decomposers are organisms that primarily feeds on dead organisms or the waste from living organisms. Humans harm the environment by causing global warming,habitat destruction,acid deposition,and environmental estrogens. There are six common air pollutants all over the world,ground-level ozone,carbon monoxide,sulfur oxide,nitregen oxide,and lead. An oganism within an ecosystem is part or the ecosystems envirment. The Soreeno dessert is similar to the urban areas they both contain lands of rocks,cactus,and the same animals. Light givcs off heat,if the temperature was to low plants would die,and soil provides a proper place for plants to grow. Duck Plants Germs Ecosystems help increase nutrients levels because more ecosystems meens more plants and more plants meens more nutrients because plants give off nutrients. Ecosystem destruction.
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