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The Flora and Fauna of Yemen

No description

zach yahn

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of The Flora and Fauna of Yemen

The Biotic Features of Yemen
Yemen has may different types of flora and fauna. It thrives all over the country
Yemen has many different types of flora
Some of the plants that grow in Yemen are:
Date Palm
Alpine Rose
Wild Deer
Judas Tree

Various Birds
Features of
Average Tempatures
Average Over-All Tempature
29.2 degrees Celsius
Average Coldest Tempature
9 degrees Celsius
Average Warmest Temperature
37 degrees Celsius
Landforms of Yemen Are
Islands of Yemen
Mountains of Yemen
Islands of Yemen
Volcanoes of Yemen
First Level Consumers: Insects
Second Level Consumer: Veiled Chameleon
Its Niche:
The Veiled Chameleon is a second level consumer because it eats 1st level consumers: insects.
The Veiled Chameleon can be found in the forests of Yemen.

Third Level Consumer: Horsefly
Its Niche:
The Horsefly eats the blood of 2nd and even 3rd consumers, making it a third level consumer.
The horsefly can be found all over Yemen and is a very
ANNOYING problem.
Third Level Consumer: Leopard
Its Niche:
The Leopard is a third level consumer at the top of the food chain. It will eat any meat it can get its paws on. The leopard will live in the moutains or on the plains.
Their Niche:
Insects, for the most part, will only eat vegetation, making them first level consumers. Insects can be found everywhere in Yemen.
First Level Consumer: Mountain Goats
Its Niche:
Anywhere there are mountains, you'll find them! Mountain goats live in the mountains of Yemen (duh)
They eat only plants, making them first level consumers.
First Level Consumer: Cows
Its Niche:
The Cow is found domesticated on the farms of Yemen.
It eats only grass, making it a first level consumer.
Second Level Consumer: Scorpion
Its Niche
Scorpions, like insects, can be found everywhere
in Yemen. It eats first level consumers, but is still
eaten itself, making it a second level consumer.
Second Level Consumer: Sparrow
Its Niche:
The Sparrow lives in Yemen forests all across the country. It eats insects, making it a second level consumer.
Third Level Consumer: Puff Adder
Its Niche:
The puff adder lives in almost every corner of
Yemen. It eats almost anything mouse sized and under,
Making it a third level consumer

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