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Expert Kitchen Tips.

Showing how to maximise your rooms potential, with tips. What to ask the builder and designer to do.

Money Bricks

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Expert Kitchen Tips.

Top kitchen Tips Now use these tips
when discussing with a professional kitchen designer about your ideal kitchen. 1. Style and Design - overview When thinking about the kitchen you want, think of a style and finish that suits your house so it can add value to your property. Also choose the doors, handles and worktops that can be easily cleaned, so you keep your kitchen looking great for longer. Sinks do not have to be positioned under a window! So many kitchen layouts are ruined by insistence of this position. 2. Should I have an Island?
Where ever possible, install an island unit. It improves the cooking layout, provides a focal point and an occasional eating area. Generally it is advisable to paint walls and ceilings with washable type paints. Don’t clutter the kitchen with ornaments and items that will attract dirt and oil from cooking. Cut out relevant photos or print from online sites the things you like. The designer can then better advise you as to the suitability or better alternatives Getting the most out of your budget & space moneybricks.co.uk/find-an-expert/ Find the best kitchen tradespeople to carry out your work at Tip on talking with designer: The best kitchen floor finish is ceramic or stone tiles. Because they are attractive and easily cleaned. A granite or hardwood worktop is more durable, than any other. Making it the best option for regular cookers. 4.Worktop advice 3. What Kitchen Floor should I choose? 6. Lighting is also very important Because incorrectly positioned lighting will cast your own shadow on working areas. So we advise you use down lighters and LED lamps. Want more advice? then Visit our site!
www.moneybricks.co.uk 7. Kitchen sink and taps 5. What about the Décor
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