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Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Book-Talk Prezi

Michaela Bowman

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Graceling by Kristin Cashore

By: Kristin Cashore Graceling Summary Minor Characters Katsa is a Graceling and the niece of the King Randa. Ever since she was eight years old she has been able to kill with her bare hands, and Katsa has become the personal thug of her uncle.

When a mysterious stranger comes into her life, Katsa finds herself on a journey across the seven kingdoms. Not only may she find the true meaning of her Grace, but Katsa may uncover a secret that could destroy her whole world.......
.........with words alone. Katsa The youngist Prince of Lienid
Graced with reading others mind when they think about him and feeling things with his mind
Therefore, a skilled fighter and everyone believes that is his Grace
has silver and gold eyes
he gets his nickname from the Po tree Prince Greening Grandemalion (Po) main antagonist
renowned for his kindness towards small animals and children
wears an eyepatch
married to Ashen, who is sister to King Ror of Lienid King Leck of Monsea Prince Raffin: Prince of the Middluns, cousin of Katsa, and best-friend

King Randa: King of the Middluns, uncle of Katsa

Lord Oll: captain/spymaster and Council memeber

Lord Giddon: underlord/Council member and is in love with Katsa

King Ror-Lienid (Po's Father)
King Thigpen-Estill
King Murgon-Sunder
King Drowden-Nander
King Birn-Wester
Prince Silvern (5th son of Ror)
Prince Skye (6th son of Ror)
Prince Tealiff (father of Ror and Ashen) main protagonist
Graced with what she believes is killing.
Has one green eye and one blue eye.
Grew up in King Randa of the Middluns, her uncle's, court.
She discovered her Grace when a distant cousin tried to touch her when she was eight.
Was shunned by everyone in court.
Prince Raffin was her only friend growing up.
She is a member of The Council.
She kills and tortures people for her uncle, King Randa
With prodding from Po she contemplates the real meaning of her Grace. Genre: Fantasy/ Romance Bitterblue King Lecks's daughter
The Princess of Monsea
She escaped her father. Setting The story is set in a fictional place called the seven kingdoms. Importance! In the story King Leck/ Monsea and Lienid is cut off from the rest of the seven kingdoms. Major Conflicts Katsa with herself.
Battle with Leck. "Not much was known about the Monsean court. King Leck was well liked by his people and had a great repuatation for kindness to children, animals, and all helpless creatures." Chapter Two (pg. 19) Irony "The seventh kingdom was Monsea. The mountians set Monsea apart from the others, as the ocean did for Lienid." Chapter Two (pg. 19) This was going to come back and nip Katsa in the back. Symbols and Themes Reaccuring theme of even the strongest can be weak. I suggest this novel to a teenage and young adult audience. Mostly because the main characters are teenagers and they are trying to find who they really are. Also, having to face the expectations of those around them. http://kristincashore.blogspot.com/ http://www.gracelingrealm.com/ GOOD the fantasy aspect
the love story
the strong feminine heroine
the plot twist at the end BAD Difficult to follow at the beginning.
Katsa is a little to stubborn. INTERESTING The eyecolor of the Graced.
King Leck Recommendations What is a Graceling?
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