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EDUCAUSE 2012: Fostering Innovation Through Crowd-Sourced Idea Generation

Presentation for EDUCAUSE National Conference 2012

Brian Miller

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of EDUCAUSE 2012: Fostering Innovation Through Crowd-Sourced Idea Generation


AQIP Accreditation

Continuous Improvement Fostering Innovation
& a Culture of Openness
Through Crowd-sourced
Idea Generation Elanor Riley, Web Developer
Brian Miller, CIO
Pete Hoffswell, Network Manager What is Innovation? Ideas from all levels of the organization
Affordable or budget-neutral changes
Process improvement from the inside out Have you heard of the Toyota Way? Innovation (n.) The act of introducing something new. Kaizen: A philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices that underlies total quality management and just-in-time business techniques. (translated “change for the better”) http://www.educause.edu/MWRC12/Program/SESS12
Twitter: #E12_SESS108 NUTSHELL/Script (45 Min) Innovation - Length 2 min - Ends at 2:00
(Attention Grabber (Elanor))
where does this stop and "Story" start? (-Brian's question)
Story 5 min - 7:00
(Hamel, Barn, Epstein (Brian))
WHY 5 min 12:00
(AQIP, Constant improvement, Innovation Fund (Brian))
HOW - System - 10 min 22:00
(Ideascale (Elanor))
HOW - Culture - 5 min 27:00
( Building a culture of Innovation (Pete))
Discuss - 10 min - 37:00
(How do you Innovate at your school? (Pete))
NEXT - 3 min - 40:00
(take-away for audience, our goal with innovationstation (Elanor)
Focused Call for Ideas
Idea Moderation
Community development/vetting of ideas Create a System of Innovation Discussion Thanks! 1
GREAT Solution 100 Interesting Experiments Spark 10
Projects 1000
Ideas (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Spark Spark Spark Spark
Tuesday Mar 27th, 2012
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM
Zurich F

In his EDUCAUSE 2010 keynote "How to Outrun Change," Gary Hamel spoke on innovation and the need to foster as many ideas as possible. Davenport University has developed a culture of innovation by implementing crowdsourcing technology for idea generation and continuous improvement. This presentation will showcase the university's InnovationStation tool for promoting innovation through the group development of ideas. Attendees will gain knowledge to integrate continuous improvement processes into their organization to better understand current processes and how to improve them. Fostering Innovation through Crowdsourced Idea Generation
TRACK: STRATEGY AND LEADERSHIP FOR THE 21ST CENTURY Innovation Story WHY How - System How - Culture Discuss Next Gary Hamel Elanor Brian Brian Elanor Pete Pete/Team Elanor Creating a Culture of Innovation We will develop a culture that encourages innovation from all employees and will implement a process that allows all ideas to be vetted so that the best become reality Why - Vision 2015 Big Impact Small Changes Create a Culture of Innovation Harnessing creative ideas
Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)
Common language of understanding - Vision 2015
Department of quality and Process improvement
Communications Plan
Connects with IT Governance
Top-Down support
Leadership - Buy-in
Supervisors - Motivate - Lead by Example
Employees - Participate
Idea Moderation
Community development/vetting of ideas
Recognition/Rewards www.aqip.org We need a system which can harness Social Media + Discussion + Community Ideascale Communities Comments and Discussion Rating and Rankings Collaboration The tool is only part of a larger process... AQIP Excel at What We Do Continuous Improvement We needed a method to develop, implement, document, and measure continuous improvement processes. Improve process efficiency
Employee and Student satisfaction
Streamline processes and related costs Accountability Ownership Mission and Vision What is innovation?
Why should we innovate?
What tools can help us innovate?
How do we develop a culture of innovation?
Case Studies and Lessons Learned
What's next? More than a suggestion box.. No. No, they will not. If you build it, they will come. Motivate
Include Why do we need innovative ideas? A long time ago
at an EDUCAUSE far,
far away... Innovation Big Ideas Small Ideas Where is higher education headed?

How quickly?

Can we make that shift? His message was simple: Adapt or die.
Book Publishers Hamel = Revolution Small changes, big improvements.

Continuous improvements over time yield strategic benefit. Kaizen = Evolution (Small Ideas) (Small Ideas) (Small Ideas) The Shift IT's Unique Perspective The Future IT's Unique Role - Or not... Our Reality Enrollment Budgets Funding Staffing (Big Ideas) (Big Ideas) (Big Ideas) http://www.ted.com/talks/jane_mcgonigal_gaming_can_make_a_better_world.html "The Dynamics of Innovation" - James Utterback - MIT - http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ffpiu024.pdf Please evaluate this session!
Thanks for attending! brian.miller@davenport.edu
@elanorriley If you build it, they will come. Get More Signal out of the Noise Regional Schedule Case Study 1: Success Expense Reimbursement Automation Case Study 2: Failure Moving Student Course Evaluations Online Case Study 3: Independent Action Well received idea which was not quite high enough to get "picked"
Motivated by the idea's high performance, the Department coordinator decided to work on the solution internally
Gathered a team led by the idea originator to come up with ideas and solutions for implementation
Developed a budget neutral solution which will end up saving the University $20,000 annually on evaluation processing costs Guided topics for discussion or "campaigns"
How can we increase retention?
How can we XYZ?
Active Moderation Team
Respond to off topic questions
Close questions that are too broad or not applicable
Gather more details Small Changes lead to Revolutionary Change Questions
Comments Offer classes at multiple locations
Allow advisors easy access to locations
Plan for regional offerings

Innovation Station:
Raised the discussion to the planning level.
Academics understands scheduling, faculty locations, etc.
IT understands process, and tech Haven't we talked about this before?
Existing IT governance? Innovation Station?
Bureaucracy vs. Governance Bypass.
Innovation? Really?
Still, it's important. Let's do it. Or not. Shirky's Revolution When the old system breaks down before a new one is ready. Lessons Learned:
Moderate out existing proposals earlier edu12unconference.ideascale.com Davenport University Michigan Private, not-for-profit
Founded 1866
13,000 Students
11 Campuses & online
40% of credits taught fully online
80% non-traditional students
Business | Technology | Health
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