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Ancient China: The Great Wall of China

An up-to-date presentation of the history of the famous Great Wall of China

Lik Davis

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Ancient China: The Great Wall of China

ANCIENT CHINA By Malik Davis The Great Wall of China History The construction of the wall was believed to be started in the Zhou Dynasty(1045-256 BC)
It's purpose at that time was to protect farmland and keep out intruders from the North In later years there have been four major additions to the wall, the have occurred in the follwing time periods: 208 BC (the Qin Dynasty)
1st century BC (the Han Dynasty)
1138 - 1198 (the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period)
1368-1620 (from Hongwu Emperor until Wanli Emperor of the Ming Dynasty) During the construction of the war there have been around 2-3 million deaths
One million of those deaths have been accounted for in the Qin Dynasty
The wall was also built to withstand attacks from soall infantry weapons such as swords, spears, kinfes, etc.
With the protection of many soldiers, Ming Wall, the highest point on the wall, was guarded by one million men
There were also watch towers that had a diverse warning system when enemies approached The "Great" Measurements The 2,000 year old structure runs the length of over 4,000 miles
The total length of every defensive wall ever built has the total length of 31,070 miles, that's longer than the Earth's circuference at 24,854 miles
30 feet wide and 25 feet tall The "Great" Resources Wood Earth Stone The Great Wall Today Today the wall is a travel icon and also one of the seven wonders of the world
1957, the wall was open for tourism
Its most visted site is in Badaling near Beijing
Every year about 4 million tourist go to visit the wall to take in its rich history, culture, and scenary More Facts The Wall’s Chinese name is长城 Chángchéng/ Wàn Lǐi Chángchéng
Located in North China
Stretches from seaport of China’s east coast to Xinjiang in China’s Northwest
There's legend that tells of a helpful dragon who mapped out the course of the Great Wall for the workers so they followed the dragons tracks and started construction PICTURE TIME !!!!!!!! THE END (APPLAUSE)
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