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Alternative Fuel Sources

The world's competition to obtain oil for transportation is ruining our environment, so why not use alternative sources to fuel our vehicles?

Natalie Milko

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Alternative Fuel Sources

The world's competition to obtain oil for transportation is ruining our environment, so why not use alternative sources to fuel our vehicles? Disadvantages Advantages What are some alternatives? OIL

Oil fills over 40% of American energy demands
Fossil fuel emission controls have undergone steady improvements over time, reducing harmful environmental impacts
Transportation of oil and gas to power stations is easy
Using oil helps maintain the employment of the 1.8 million Americans employed in the oil industry.
The oil industry increases a country's economy
The cost is cheap
The oil industry has the ability to moderately control pollution by using clean-burning coal technology
Cost of advancing technology in order to use oil more efficiently and reduce the harmful impact on the environment is very high
Pollution/ Global Warming
Housed deep within the earth's surface making acquisition difficult
Can not be recycled
Irreparable damage to habitats and marine environments
Generates greenhouse gases causing acid rain
Oil spills biomass energy
electricity Why give up on a good thing now? The world needs to produce adequate energy for futrue generations introducing the concept Many people beleive that once oil runs out, we can transition to alternative fuel sources. No, we need to start now. sustainability. If we do not make changes, the cost and consequences are going to be greater than any other expenses to transition to

alternative sources to power our automobiles. greater,
cleaner, and healthier Biomass Energy can be produced locally at a minimum cost, keeping employment local
it is renewable and does not depend on fossil fuels
price of biomass has remained the same over time

Biomass may consist of fermented animal waste, agricultural crops, grains, and other natural products
produces greenhouse gases, however biomass energy is CO2 neutral, meaning the CO2 produced is the amount ingested during a plants life time. Pros Cons Bio-energy is renewable energy made from any organic material from plants or animals.
Sources of bio-energy are called "biomass," and include agricultural and forestry residues, municipal solid wastes, industrial wastes, and terrestrial and aquatic crops. Fusion Fusion energy is the power source of the sun and stars. Fusion During the fusion process, some of the hydrogen is converted into large amounts of energy. Fusion has not yet been produced because of the high amount of energy and heat involved. Pros clean energy source
does not produce greenhouse gases
unlimited supply
fairly expensive to create but virtually inexpensive energy
products are not radioactive, thus there are no nuclear waste problems
not a chain reaction (can be stopped at anytime, and is very safe)

may never find a way to make it work Cons Hydrogen Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe, and has been used to run a vehicle. The only byproduct of using hydrogen to is WATER! A car that runs off of hydrogen is called a Fuel-cell vehicle. Pros Vehicles that run on pure hydrogen are true zero-emission vehicles
Fuel cell vehicles consume no fossil fuels and emit no heat trapping gases

Cost competitiveness
Because hydrogen is a gas, not a fuel, a larger volume of it is needed
No distribution system or standardized method of storage Cons Electricity A car can be run through a battery-powered motor. Pros Cheap to fuel
No gas means no carbon footprint
Low tailpipe emissions

The battery to fuel an electric car would be so large and expensive that the car would need to be designed around the battery. Cons Algae Algae is being grown by different companies interested finding new ways to process algae into fuel. The oil extracted from algae can be processed to make diesel and jet fuel. Pros contains an abundance of natural fatty oils that do not need very much refining to power cars and jets
little infrastructure is needed to grow the algae

algae is not a cost-effective fuel source Cons Presentation by: Lauren Pittman
Savannah Salter
Maya Hayes
China Williams
Natalie Milko By using these alternative fuel sources, we can save the environment from the harmful effects of oil drilling.
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