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St. Thomas Aquinas

Honors World History; Period 2

Anna Matuella

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of St. Thomas Aquinas

Saint Thomas Aquinas Honors World History By: Anna Matuella Saint Thomas Aquinas is a Patron Saint Thomas Aquinas is
the Patron of all students and Universities Education Primary Education: Primarily, Thomas Aquinas started education and philosophy at a very young age. He went to train with the Benedictine Monks at the Abbey of Monte Cassino at the young age of 5. However, because of political reasons he was forced to leave at 13. Secondary Education St. Thomas Aquinas traveled to University of Naples to earn his Doctorate in Theology. There he brainstormed his many ideas and thought them out to perfection. He used these concepts he obtained through his many years of education to apply them to his own teachings and share them with others. Aristotle- a major contribution to St. Thomas Aquinas' philosophy One major icon that influenced Thomas was Aristotle; one may see how Aristotle’s theories influenced him to fall in love with the lessons of philosophy taught to him. Many of his ideas reflect those of Aristotle. Family Life In 1244, St. Thomas Aquinas joined a Dominican Monk Order without his family knowing. But once they found out, they kidnapped him. Yes, Thomas Aquinas’ own family kidnapped him and held him captive for a year. During this horrid year under his family’s captivity, Thomas never forgot those teachings from his previous schools even when his family tried to erase them from his memory. The 5 Ways St. Thomas Aquinas is especially recognized for his “5 Ways,” a set of, essentially, ways of arguing the existence of God. After Thomas graduated he traveled the world near and far to preach and proclaim his new findings and concepts. This all took place during the medieval times which meant it was at the heart of the conflict of faith and reason, one that still troubles our society to this very day. Thomas Aquinas argued that faith and reason could work harmoniously and balance eachother out. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Immovable
Mover The idea that God is the cause for everything Necessary Being Perfection of Nature design of society or nature Literary Works St. Thomas Aquinas produced over 60 written works in his lifetime. He taught an array of topics within those; anywhere from the argument of faith and reason, to the writings from major scientists, accepted by the church, such as Aristotle. Thomas wrote many papers about philosophy and theology which made up the minds of many who read his writings. One may assume he felt that writing expressed his thoughts the best and most accurately based on the fact, most of his ideas are written down by him. However, he quit writing after he saw a vision of Jesus in which he discussed his writings and decided he was better off preaching and worshiping God.  
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