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Diploma Programme Information 2016-2017

No description

Jason Eldridge

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of Diploma Programme Information 2016-2017

2016-2017 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
Informational Meeting

Oxford High School
November 29, 2016

What is the Diploma Programme?

IB Courses at OHS
Group 1) English Literature HL
Group 2) Spanish B SL
Chinese B SL
Group 3) History of Americas HL
Psychology SL
Global Politics SL
Group 4) Biology HL
Physics HL/SL
Group 5) Math HL/SL
Group 6) Music SL (Group or Solo)
Visual Art SL
-or- an additional group 3 or 4 course

Benefits of an IB Education
Why would someone want to be IB?
Question and Answer
Two Levels of IB Diploma Participation
Individual Courses

Complete and balanced high school experience
Opportunity for two diplomas
Full Program
Open to all Juniors and Seniors at OHS
Pick and choose 1 or more IB classes
Can take IB Examinations for college credit
No application, just sign up at course selection time
Can choose TOK class with two or more DP courses
No opportunity for IB Diploma
Take 3 Standard Level Courses
Take 3 Higher Level Courses
Take Theory of Knowledge Course
Complete Creativity, Action, Service
Write Extended Essay
Short application and consultation meeting required
Theory of Knowledge
Creativity, Action, Service

Challenge of our most rigorous program
College Admissions
& Scholarships
Different assessment model
Final IB grade is determined by more than a single test in May

20% or more of the final grade comes from work done inside the classroom and moderated by IB
Increased focus on research, writing, thinking, and manipulative skills
Experiential Learning through Creativity, Action, Service
Extended Essay provides college level research paper experience
Build strong relationships within a cohort of students
How do IB Students perform in college?
First year college retention rates:
Diploma Students: 98%
National Average: 74%
Four year graduation rates:
Diploma Students: 74%
National Average: 38%
Six year graduation rates:
Diploma Students: 87%
National Average: 56%
Next Steps
1) Research and ask questions!

2Complete the IBDP Student and Parent Interest Form

3) Mr. Eldridge will schedule a one on one meeting with your student

4) Students input schedule discussed in meeting with Mr. Eldridge

If at any time, you as a parent would like to meet, please just contact Mr. Eldridge via email or phone.
Please step up to the microphone so your question can be heard by all!
Thank you for coming and have a great evening!
How do students earn the IB Diploma?
Each of the six classes is worth 7 points

Need at least 12 points from three HLs

Need at least 9 points from three SLs

Can earn 3 points bonus from TOK and EE

Must earn 24 points total

In your handouts you will see the information about how to earn the Diploma, which should be used when deciding which courses to take
Oxford's Vision and Mission
Creating a world-class education today to shape tomorrow's selfless, global leaders.
Provide a world-class education that challenges all students to achieve their maximum potential and prepares them to succeed in a global society

How do we level the GPA playing field?
Every IB class earns a 0.5 boost to the grade points they earn in a class
Cost of the IB Diploma?
As of May 2017, the total cost to be an IB Diploma Candidate is $864

Registration Fee: $168
Each Course: $116 x 6 = $696

What do our students say?
"Being able to manage the IB workload is such an amazing preparation for college, it is unbelievable. With the prior knowledge from IB, and the excellent time-management skills, college work is extremely easy. Projects and essays were already the norm, so in college, it comes as no surprise."
"Regardless of how many credits, or scores we got on the tests, the true value of IB is in the way we now see tasks and problems, the way we see the very world, and all the people in it.
IB was one of the greatest things ever."

"The IB Diploma Program prepared me tremendously for college. I am managing my time so much better than I would have had I not gone through with the program. My college classes are picking up right where I left off with some of my IB classes, and in other classes, the professors are having to teach everyone how to do certain things that I have already had practice doing over and over again. The IB Program made the transition to college so much easier and I feel that I will be a lot more successful in my classes because of it."
"Although I only took IB English and IB Math, I'm so glad I did! There were great faculty and students involved, and I made lasting memories and friendships through IB! I have to say without those classes, I would have had a terrible time this year in college. They prepared me more than I ever thought they would. Looking back on IB, the classes gave me an edge and advantage that I am extremely grateful for!"
71 Candidates since 2012-2013
Psychology: Comparing the Benefits of Creative Therapy to more traditional forms.

History: Comparing the business model (organizational structure) of Al Capone’s gang to current Fortune 500 companies.

Sports, Exercise, and Health Science: Do the records hold? does the athletic equipment of modern-day athletes provide an unfair advantage against past record holders?
Literature: Biblical allusion in The Chronicles of Narnia

History: Impact of 9/11 on the US economy

Politics: Hidden political agendas with regards to the exit strategy of the Iraqi War
I'm Third
Day Care
Youth Programs
National Honor Society
Fire and Ice Volunteer

Music Lessons
Link Crew
Bully Busters
Many more!
What are the different ways to "know"?
What are the different areas of "knowing"?
We are proud to announce that

of our last two cohorts have been awarded the IB Diploma
$50,000 IB Scholarship
32 Credits to all diploma earners
Substantial IB Credit by courses
Where are our IB students now?
The Middle Years Programme

Approaches to Learning
Personal Project
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