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Copy of Plot Outline: The Ransom of Red Chief

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angela martinez

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Plot Outline: The Ransom of Red Chief

Plot Outline: The Ransom of Red Chief
Conflict is when there is the struggle between two opposing forces. The conflict in the story "The Ransom of Red Chief" is external because it is clearly man vs. man. The fights of Johnny and Bill is an example of how Bill tries to scare the kid but fails because Johnny outsmarts him to doing what he says. this evidence is similar to conflict because as soon as Bill becomes tired of being picked on he will soon tell Sam to do something about Johnny.
Climax is the most interesting part of the story or "turning point". In the story "The Ransom of Red Chief" is when Bill and Sam can't stand Johnny. Evidence that shows this is when Johnny put a red hot potato on Bill's back and stepped on it, nobody seems to notice Johnny is gone which means they're plan might not work, and how Mr. Dorset doesn't seem to mind his son is gone. This evidence shows the conflict because the plan has had a turning point where there plan can come to a dead end.
Falling Action
falling action is the fallout of climax, action cause by characters choice in climax. the falling action of Ransom of Red Chief is when the kidnappers returjohnny home because they cant handle him no more. evidence that reveal this is "you bring johnny home and pay me two hundred and fifty dollars", "he lay down but he never closed and eye again in sleep as long as the boy was with us", and "one more night of this boy will drive me crazy" because this explains that the kidnappers were tired of johnny the little kid.
Conclusion is when the author concludes all falling action by revealing or suggesting the outcome of conflict. The resolution of the story "The Ransom of Red Chief" is when both Bill and Sam return Johnny back. Evidence that reveals this is when Bill talks to Sam of how much he has been beaten by Johnny, how they ended up paying Old Dorset to get rid of Johnny, and when they never try to kidnap ever again due to what happened with Johnny.
Introduction: setting
Setting is the time and place that the story takes place in. In the story Ransom of Red Chief, we know the setting takes place in Alabama, town called Summit, a little mountain, and a cave because the story indicates "down south in Alabama", "there was a town down there called Summit", and "opening on the back of the mountain , we stored our supplies in that cave". this evidence shows the reader the setting in which the story takes place.
Introduction: Characters
Characters are people who interact in the story. In the story Ransom of Red Chief we know the main characters are Bill Driscoll, Sam, and Johnny also known as Red Chief. some direct characterization of Red Chief is "do you dare to enter the camp of Red Chief". Some indirect characterization is "hey little boy, would you like to have a bag of candy". this shows the reader that the characters motivations are to kidnap the kid.
Rising Action: Complication
complication is the part of the story that adds struggles to the plots problem and increases your interest. the complication that arises in the rising action of the story Ransom of Red Chief is that the kid thinks that they took him to camp when they really kidnapped him because "the boy put up a wild fight like a wild animal", we're playing Indian", and "red chif was sitting on bill's chest with one hand holding his hair. in the othre hand a sharp knife." this evidence reveals that the kid was playing around instead of thinking he was kidnappde.
Mood is how the author wants the reader to feel about the story. After the story, the author (Sam) I say wants you to feel surprised. Surprised mood is formed by how they end up paying money to Old Dorset to get rid of his rude, annoying son. Evidence to prove this is how they get a note from Old Dorset saying to pay him cash to bring back his son and get him off their hands. Also, they do as what Old Dorset says, they pay him money and get rid of Johnny.
Irony is a technique that reveals a discrepancy between what appears to be and what is actually true. In the story "The Ransom of Red Chief" is when Bill and Sam want Old Dorset to pay them by kidnapping his son Johnny in order for Old Dorset to pay them their money. this is an example of situational irony because insted of Old Dorset paying them money, they end up paying him to get rid of Johnny. This evidence shows situational irony because the reversal of what they wanted happened.
Theme is general idea or main point. the theme of the story Ransom of Red Chief is when bill and Sam kid nap johnny without knowing that he is tough to deal with. Evidence that reveals that is when johnny trys to cut bill's head, when johnny throws a big rock behind his ear, and also when johnny has bill against a wall and wants to strike him with a rock
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